189 – Coping Technique

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  1. Nottingham

    Hahah, fantastic!
    And I couldn’t give a speech either, if some fabulous, busty brunette was sitting naked in the first row…

  2. Jim North

    Not only is Wayne self-conscious about being the only person in the room with clothes on, he’s also worried about the fact that he is apparently incapable of imagining what anyone’s actual naughty parts look like.

  3. Houto


  4. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    For all we know, Wayne could be presenting to a Nudist group…
    Nah, even for TWOGAG that’s a little silly…
    OR IS IT?!

  5. Chase

    The boner Wayne’s going to get is gonna be pretty distracted too.

  6. lazylocomotive

    Whut?! Guy actually giving real advice! Whats she up too…?

    • cruciform

      Iunno. She knows he’s a fucked up individual, I s’pose. She knows it won’t work for him and his anxieties.

  7. Bill

    Like Wayne needs an excuse to picture someone naked!

  8. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I hope the microphone was on.

  9. Schrödingers Katze
    Schrödingers Katze

    Would you mind to put away this mag please?
    Because Wayne is going to hold a speech of course.^^°

  10. Evan

    I do a lot of public speaking and he is going about that all wrong. You’re supposed to imagine that YOU are naked. And that the entire audience is laughing at you. No… Wait… That’s just what happens every time I speak in public.

  11. Phill

    Is it Me or Is the girl with the mag the ‘bullshitting blonde’?

  12. MTGradwell

    I was going to say something about the presentation being to a nudist group but End of Ways ebat me to it.

    @Phill I think it’s you. The hair style is different, which doesn’t prove anything, but then the nose is different too, and this one has a sharper chin. The eyes, though similar, have a slightly different shape, and the pupils are larger though that could be down to being in a darkened room.
    The other strip, for comparison, is at http://www.twogag.com/archives/2261

  13. ad

    I never liked this tactic. What if you were giving a speech at your high school, and your biggest crush was in the front row or nearby? I would think the awkward boner would make it worse, somehow.

  14. Shadowsamurai

    Damn that well place book!

  15. MC

    Guy’s plan to make him feel self-conscious must of worked :I cause she’d never help Wayne.

  16. Deceptobot

    She’s still surly, but it’s been about twelve strips since she’s done anything overtly anti-social.

    • DCHorror

      Therapy apparently does have its benefits.

  17. David

    The tried and true tested method for me is… Not being in a position where I had to do public speaking, and being “sick” when I needed to.

    I don’t care that I failed English class in high school. I can read and write pretty darn well. Just don’t ask me to replay that to an audience.

  18. Derps

    Hey, at least he’s not getting aroused.

    On stage WITH a boner, and without a largely homosexual male or heterosexual female constituent is likely to end in tears.
    And no tips.

  19. Eyepop

    Are those… stitches on all the guys’ chests? DOES THAT MEAN THAT Wayne HAS STITCHES LIKE THAT AND JUST THINKS IT’S NORMAL?

    Or maybe it’s chest hair. >.>

    • Tori628

      I think it’s chest hair, but I think I’ll pretend it’s stitches and Wayne thinks it’s normal, just so I can imagine what Frank has done to all the Wayne clones. >:) I’m slightly evil.