190 – Fake

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  1. bug

    The saddest part is that everyone knows Guy is gonna take all that money anyways, and Wayne will continue to play with her.

  2. MC

    5 aces! Why do you even try Wayne? If you won, she’d kick your ass then take the money anyway.

  3. Jim North

    You say you’re faking everything, but I’m pretty sure you’re faking faking it.

  4. Chase

    Speaking of faking, Guy didn’t really care about Wayne’s speech. She was faking.

  5. Bill

    Wayne needs to learn to stop asking Guy for advise.

  6. DrAkula
  7. Jack

    I figured out that you were faking it ages ago, because I’m a super genius. I just didn’t tell anyone.

  8. TimTimsen

    Wow, seeing Guy with a cigar is pretty weird…

    • End of Ways
      End of Ways

      Weird, but customary. I mean, have you ever seen a poker game, real or otherwise, and a player was not smoking/holding/eating a large cigar?

    • MaryFilipina

      I think of it as gratuitous to twogag readers.

  9. LauW

    I want to be this cigar

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Burning at one end and bitten at the other, but first she clips the tips off?


        Sounds great to me! <3

  10. Yoshord

    I object to black-colored hearts and diamonds. It’s the details that make faking it obvious.

  11. BMunro

    Her very real ability to beat the crap out of people who complain about her faking removes the fear element, and her utter lack of conscience removes the guilt, so she’s having trouble understanding why Wayne seems to consider this a problem.

  12. Franz

    I do recall a recent speech Neil Gaimen did on a graduation ceremony in wich he tells about this impostor syndrome, always waiting for someone to knock on hist door and tell he was exposed…

  13. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    The oldest poker joke there is.

  14. annoying

    i just love it.

  15. Gillsing

    I think this one would’ve worked better as a single panel comic. Because as soon as Wayne uttered the words “huge cheat”, everything was revealed.

  16. hapten

    thank god she’s faking the real her would be a nightmere

  17. Hi I'm Guy
    Hi I'm Guy

    I don’t quite get the joke.

    • Ser Carter
      Ser Carter

      She pulled out five aces, when there should only be a maximum of 4 per deck