192 – High Concept

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  1. random

    talking dog would of fit perfectly in this one

    • █████

      He’s in the band.

  2. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Darned hipsters.

  3. Athol

    My money says that Frank is only there so he can try to figure out a way to weaponize it.

    • Ourorboros

      Weaponizing ultrasound is much too basic for Frank. Dude designs things for aliens. Human technology (and people are working on ultrasound weapons) is far too simplistic.
      Besides, he already had a device that wiped out most of humanity.

  4. D

    u spel sew gud

  5. Chase

    So an encore is not in order?

  6. Bill

    This, this is why I bought a Kindle with a lit screen!

  7. Houto

    Now this just confirms it. Frank ain’t HUMAN man! (shifty eyes here)

  8. MaryFilipina

    Every dog within a 2 mile radius and Superman have suddenly started bleeding from the ears!

  9. Chase

    Still better than the Crap Rabbits.

    • Ourorboros

      Of course. Objectively speaking the Crap Rabbits are terrible.

  10. Fade

    Man, i just discovered this comic earlier today and spent hours reading through every one of these. best discovery ever. Amazing to see how Guy gets more and more evil, Wayne gets more and more Wimpy, and Frank gets more… Frank… Hell, in the begining Guy was almost EAGER to have sex with Wayne.

    • Houto

      Only so long as SHE was in control of the bondage fun. That means Wayne tied up, proly ball gagged and one of those things that prevents little wayne from ‘growing’ any. She was wearing a corset and held a whip fer crying out loud o0o

  11. Twilight

    Are they there only 3 people who are there?

    • Hi I'm Guy
      Hi I'm Guy

      Probably. With Frank around, there’s not many people willing to hang around them.