194 – Natural

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  1. WaveformD

    I’m surprised she doesn’t deck him one for the subtle insult about her body.

    • WaveformD

      [See comic #143]

    • Ourorboros

      If Guy hit the guy, she might spill some beer.
      In 143, she deliberately set a trap with Wayne and had her hands free.

      • Odysseus

        well I am not so sure he was meaning to insult her, he just can;t talk to women, he was just trying to get laid.
        also I wouldn’t mind spilling that beer, from the color id say that it looks like swill.

  2. Jelligeth

    Ha! Usually I enjoy Guy’s dickishness because it’s amusing but this time, I’m genuinely impressed.

  3. Chase

    As we grow more stupider, Guy grows more smarter. Should I be worried?

    • Arcana

      With that sort of grammar, yes.

      • Chase

        What does that mean?

        • Ourorboros

          Arcana is talking about your sentence structure.
          It should be “As we grow more stupid . . .” or “As we grow stupider . . . ”
          and “Guy grows smarter” or “Guy grows more smart”

          But since the creator and presumably many readers are not native English speakers, proper grammar is overblown.
          Really with the multi-national nature of internet usage grammar can really be harped upon too much.

          • Paul

            Except for people who use ‘loose’ when they mean ‘lose’.

            That bugs the hell out of me.

  4. MC

    I was half expecting her to say something really rude, especially since she /did/ get boob implants.

    • magnetoo

      She /said/ she got implants. That guarantees nothing!

  5. perushinkov

    I’m actually surprised she didnt break his nose, or something! Just like the reader above :D!

  6. Houto

    I may as well stop keeping score here. Guy beats the world by ? to 2 or 3 at the most. All hail Guy, supreme empress of everything.

  7. TimTimsen

    Just when Guy feels a little flattered (just look at that micsoscopic smile in panel 2) and even makes a not-so-evil reply, the situation has to go down the crapper…

    • Anon

      That’s a smirk, not a smile.

  8. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    Women, even Guy like men who don’t hide their true selves.

  9. GoDRuStAnG


  10. CalvinCopyright

    Are we ever going to see Guy without a frown again?

    • Virgil

      Only when she’s hurting someone.

  11. Bill

    Once and a while it’s nice to be liked for your body instead of your personality. It can really take the pressure off!

  12. hapten

    it’s not real but it’s half way pay for

  13. TheCultist

    Yeah… I’m not really sure if I got the punchline right here.

  14. MaryFilipina

    Hey Guy, would you be interested in a three way with me and Frank?

  15. clockworkAngemon

    Sadly, that guy at the bar? That there is me, only I’m genuine. But douchebags like that make it impossible for good guys like me to even get a chance.

    No, I’m not complaining, I’ve given that up long ago, just saying it like it is.

    • Ourorboros

      So you already go into the game defeated and blaming others?

  16. witunderpressure

    just a thought…does guy have a piercing on both sides of her nose?

    • MC

      Yes she does. I imagined she had a bar instead though.

  17. Saeed

    Zing! She definitely won this match of words.

  18. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    Guy doesn’t just shoot people down, she sets them on fire with her mind. And her flamethrower.