195 – Confidence

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  1. HitBoxMaster

    She looks like a bitch!

    • JRC

      Honesty in advertizing?

    • xaviara

      she looks hot

  2. Andy

    He needs to find the store she shops at–oh wait he’d just have to put on a black tee. Honestly.

  3. nan

    Isn’t the dream of every artist to be “copied”? A trend-setter?

    • Flint

      No, that’s the dream of every retailer.

  4. AnimefanDK

    Guy in green shirt = WANT!

    • TimTimsen

      Same here.
      GOD, she looks so much hotter in my favorite color!

    • Cavemaneca

      “Guy in no shirt = WANT!”


    • MaryFilipina

      Actually I’d like Frank in the green shirt. ;) It’s for The Collection.

  5. MC

    Awwh yeah Guy, wrecking Wayne’s confidence all the time. OuO

  6. Ghost

    the one thing she hasn’t taken away from him is now gone what else can she take away from him at this point?

    • patrick

      Writing. She could write something very successful.

      • DCHorror

        She hasn’t? I could have sworn he threatened to steal her hobby of stealing other people’s hobby’s because she stole his hobby of writing.

    • Hi I'm Guy
      Hi I'm Guy

      His virginity

  7. Forecaster

    Shouldn’t he be honored that she likes his style enough to wear it?

  8. Javer

    I can’t figure out what the function is of those little pink Mike & Ikes over Wayne’s face in panel 3.

  9. Chase

    Don’t worry. She’ll simply start copying Frank to mess with his self-esteem. Not that he has any emotions.

    • Ourorboros

      Guy stopped messing with Frank very early on.
      Wayne is a much easier target.
      Guy is a bitch, but not stupid.

  10. Rogue Sun
    Rogue Sun

    Strawberry Schnapps: Only the hardest stuff for Wayne.

    • MaryFilipina

      You should try it! It’s delicious with lime soda!

  11. Chip Camden

    I tell you who you are, Wayne — you’re someone who drinks Strawberry Schnapps. Put that stake in the ground and stick by it.

  12. Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust

    I didn’t know ANYONE drank Strawberry Shnapps. Cherry yes, but damn.
    But this is Texas, so if you’re drinking anything less manly than a Shiner Bock you might as well be a mary.

  13. Missy

    I want that top now…

  14. SrPilha

    Since I wasn’t even aware that strawberry schnapps existed, I assumed it just said Sorry Schnapps on the bottle. Admit it, it’s plausible.

  15. Bill

    Wayne’s answer can be found with that bottle. He needs to smash it over Guy’s head!

  16. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    And then she steals his booze.