197 – Days End

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  1. Strife

    He doesn’t sleep; he waits.

    • SrPilha

      He does. And Guy’s expression is spot on for the reaction such a discovery demands.

      I do believe it’s safe to say that Frank can wait forever. He “can eternal lie”.

      • Houto

        Careful, he may be waiting for you…………………….

      • MaryFilipina

        I think it’s called “Odin’s sleep”.

        • comichero

          so frank is powered by the Odinforce?

  2. Forecaster

    Maybe it’s not really him. It could be a robot duplicate…

  3. Exarion

    Well that’s the first one I dont really got, I guess. May somebody nice explain it?

    • TimTimsen

      Guy sleeps, Frank doesn’t.
      Guy gets scared (a rare situation).

    • Ourorboros

      It looks like Frank just powered down like C3P0 in Star Wars rather than sleeping.

      We have seen that Frank looks exactly the same when Guy was a toddler and also when Guy and Wayne are old. This completely fits his eternal nature, as people actually sleep.

      • RBZ

        I was thinking along the lines of the Star Trek the Next Generation episode where Picard and Data are in a small room and Picard tries to sleep, and Data is just standing there stock still. It really unnerves Picard.

  4. MC

    Frank never needs to sleep. He just stands there. He probably watches them sleep too, plotting on what to do next.

  5. Chase

    Wonder what he’s thinking of?

  6. Odd

    Maybe he’s sleeping under his goggles.

  7. ThatDumbRetard

    *Frank* “I have taught myself to sleep with my eyes open… Damn I’m tired.”

  8. Bill

    Guy finally realizes that she’s not the creepiest one around.

  9. Digital Spirit X
    Digital Spirit X

    He powered down for the night.

  10. WriterX

    I would agree that Frank appears to Power Down… if not for the fact he almost always remains in the same pose. Remember the comic where after a wild party he simply sits on the couch and his eyes start to bleed? I am not sure what Frank is, but he most certainly does not need a Bed to rest.

    • eddddd the mad genius
      eddddd the mad genius

      um no.
      wow, give me a number, i cant have missed that.

      • WriterX

        I found it! After much, much searching. http://www.twogag.com/archives/1376. Number 87!

        • dariendark

          notice guy only appears to be freaked by things that frank does and never anyone else, waines head can get blown right on3 feet away from her and she won’t flinch, frank sneezes and she practicality has a heart attack

  11. Decryptist

    that face…

  12. {un}social butterfly213
    {un}social butterfly213

    In episode 47 he falls asleep.

  13. maarvarq

    So does Frank even have a bedroom?

  14. Gillsing

    Funniest one in a long while! :-D

  15. Digid

    Hmm, does Frank-bot dream of shaved electric sheep?

    • Ourorboros

      Frank isn’t kinky like that.

  16. LauW

    i… i don’t get it

    • Anime fan
      Anime fan

      He’s Frank, we don’t have to get it. We just need to be afraid, very afraid.

  17. franki

    I imagine his goggles pulsing gently with blue light when he’s in sleep mode.

  18. David

    Wouldn’t be the first time he’s creeped Guy out

    I was actually looking for the mutated dog strip, but this one works as well.

  19. █████

    I’m reminded of that one strip of Wapsi Square.
    If you know the one I’m talking about then yeah, pretty darn freaky.

  20. Wicked

    Frank doesn’t sleep…he waits…

  21. Chase

    The next morning:
    “Rebooting, Rebooting, System upload complete”.
    “Good morning, Guy”.

  22. Murasume

    I remember Frank fighting himself~
    and one of them dropped their goggles~
    the question is which one was really frank~?
    also if you remember there was that really weird demon~
    that was haunting Frank a while back also~
    there’s alot of strange things that seems to be attracted to Frank~

  23. N0083rP00F

    Just one more piece of evidence on what his full name is but I still can not figure out what the N stands for in his middle name.

    Any suggestions?