199 – Emotional Growth

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  1. Sigs

    First!!… Damn, now I feel retarded..

  2. TimTimsen

    Oh how I love this sarcasm…

  3. comichero

    that girl has alot of rage bottle’d up i wonder if Frank has found a way to tap into that power source

  4. MC

    Guy’s sarcasm is just great.

  5. Chase

    I wonder if he can even hear.

    • Houto

      Prolly not. Very good chance he’s deep in a coma. Maybe this entire series of events has just been Wayne dreaming….Nah its just the different worlds that Frank creates in his spare time XD

  6. Nottingham

    Where is the green circle on the bandages?

  7. LauW

    if I could marry a fictional character, that would be her

    • T

      My I suggest investing in a bear-proof suit first? Never mind, she’d just set you on fire then.

    • CalvinCopyright

      So would I. If I was a fifth dan aikido master.

  8. Ourorboros

    Was it for using the word “literally” again?

  9. someboddy

    Well, Wayne
    you know the old sayin’
    no pain
    no gain

  10. Jackson

    The funniest thing about this strip to me is the therapist’s line in panel 2.

    • edddddthemadgenius

      hell yes.
      that was toally unexpected, but then i felt dumb for not expecting it.

      • abibiliboop

        Why else would she be seeing a therapist?

        • khamya9

          Lots of reasons. Three off the top of my head: to piss off the therapist. To get tips on how to exploit people who are in a needy place. because vulnerable people are often found in the waiting room.

  11. Cap

    They say it’s a fine line between love and hate. Guy’s feelings for Wayne, however, go through a filter of, what, how many demons is she possessed by?

    • scott

      seven at least

  12. Bill

    Usually Guy just annoys me. But this side of her personality cracks me up! :)

  13. August

    She was going to pull the trigger, but pity stopped her. “Such a pity I just run out of ammo,” – she was thinking, walking away.

    • khamya9

      Ah yes, Bored of the Rings. Great book.

      • CalvinCopyright

        OH GOD THE PUN


  14. MaryFilipina

    This. Proving once again that Guy could totally take over twogag and just renmae the whole webcomic “Guy” if she ever cared enough to break the 4th wall, and we’d all just throw her a parade. Coincidentally, Frank could spinoff his own epic anything: be it an awesome sci-fi graphic novel, a hit sitcom or billion dollar blockbuster movie. I look forward to that day as well.

    • MaryFilipina

      Oh yea, and Wayne could stay sidekick to both in both scenarios. He is just one of those FOIL characters that emphasizes the hell out of the other main characters.

  15. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    At least she spared his hair.