200 – Special Occasion

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  1. zeneger01

    Poor Wayne, not even invited to his own birthday party.

    • Ourorboros

      At least they remembered, showed up, and had a good time. That’s more than you would expect for Wayne.
      Or Guy is totally screwing with Wayne’s head, his birthday really is today, there was no party, and Wayne is so whipped that he actually believed his birthday was the day before.

      • Houto


      • resuni

        Either that or she changed his watch when he wasn’t looking.

        • Anime fan
          Anime fan

          All these seem too placid for Guy. Then again she might be feeling under-accheiver-ish today.

  2. balloonpoper

    Happy 200!

  3. Chuck Chuckerson

    Way to link back to your first strip so that we can all be in awe over how much your art has improved.

    • Houto


  4. CheckerDuck

    He switched wrists, though :P

    • MaryFilipina

      nah, every clone’s just different.

      • Streak566

        That….that was clever. (And Happy 200th, Novice, and I wish you 200 more!)

  5. LauW

    Dat Face.

    (And why not a complete page for que 1/4 of thousand ? yeah the 250 if you prefer)

  6. MC

    It was an anti-Wayne party.

  7. RazorD9

    Think Wayne’s more upset that he can’t figure out how Guy put his watch back on without him knowing it. And on the wrong hand to boot. Bothered me to have my watch on the other wrist.

  8. The guy above
    The guy above

    Not only your art improved but also Franks personality suffered a drastic change.

  9. David

    An awesome 200th strip, Rickard.

    Just remember, Wayne. They celebrated your birthday and enjoyed it, that’s what counts!

    I mean, just because you weren’t invited, doesn’t mean they forgot about you.

  10. Bill

    Congratulations on 200 strips! :D

  11. Chase

    200 comics, the 200th Guy-bashing-Wayne’s face in, the 200th Frank expiermenting on them in thier sleep. Happy 200!

  12. captainstabbin

    I missed his birthday?

    I’M SO SORRY WAYNE!!!! Not really XD

  13. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    Wayne’s birthday was fun. Now what about Guy and Frank? Are we going to have to wait another 200 strips for them?

    • Ourorboros

      Frank already had a birthday party. Guy and Wayne didn’t show, IIRC.