201 – Informed Voting

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  1. Shadowsamurai

    What didn’t they vote for?

    • AnimefanDK

      and why are they at the beach?

    • vaxine19

      Because it’s election day so they took the day off to “vote”…

  2. MC

    Cloning is always the best solution to everything.

  3. Dean

    I dont get it.

    • vaxine19

      Frank clones all elected officials, brain washes the clone and then kidnaps the official and sends in the clone.

      • goz

        Send in the clones! All in one tiny car!

      • Ourorboros

        I don’t know about all officials, but Frank probably clones selected ones programmed the way he wants.

      • Doc T.
        Doc T.

        Oh. I thought he was saying all the politicians were clones of the same guy. I suppose your explanation makes more sense, though.

  4. nan

    Frank is definitely uncloneable… still, I wouldn’t vote on him

    • O8h7w

      This is why politics don’t make sense. :D

    • CBob

      See, that’s exactly what Frank’s saying: how are you supposed to trust a candidate you can’t clone-swap?

    • Delta Pangaea
      Delta Pangaea

      …Unless he ISN’T uncloneable and just clones himself whenever he’s going to die. Thus, immortality.

    • Moriarty

      Not really. Stanisław Lem’s “Dialogues” abolished this theory, but maybe I’m reading too much into a comment on a comedic webcomic.

  5. Chase

    Most don’t know it yet, but Frank’s brain-washed clone army is now gaining control…

  6. Neospector

    Despite not being able to vote yet, I tend to lean towards the one that will screw up the country the least.

    • Ourorboros

      That is the most realistic view.

      • David

        And indeed the only view in politics.

    • davidbreslin101

      I like the idea “When in doubt, vote AGAINST.” If you don’t like any of the candidates, try voting for the main rival of the nastiest one. It’s about all you can do sometimes.

      • Wizard

        I believe “none of the above” should be a choice on every ballot. If NOTA gets the most votes, hold a new election with all-new candidates. Better yet, if NOTA wins, just leave the office vacant until the next election. Then voting AGAINST would really accomplish something.f

  7. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I believe that it is a felony to illegally clone the President Frank.

    • BMunro

      Yes, but attaching a brain slug still isn’t on the books!

  8. RazorD9

    That’s one way to rig an election.

  9. MaryFilipina

    What I take from this is wanting to see Frank in an Uncle Sam outfit. Good luck to ya America!

  10. Oddysen

    Well, on the other side, the fewer of the politically ignorant that vote, a larger percentage of voters are making an enlightened choice.

  11. Houto

    Wow. Frank up to his old tricks again XD
    Haven’t heard the cloning thing for a while O.O

  12. EpikalStorms

    I vote for President Wayne. It’s only make sense. Fill all the empty representative seats with unicorns!

  13. anon

    I haven’t been here for many presidents…. so my policy is trust the guy whose side I’ve seen screw up less.

  14. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    I’d ask what being uncloneable has to do with being the President. But I’m certain I don’t want to know.