203 – Shark Alert

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  1. TGAG

    LOL poor Frank…

  2. N.B.

    He does have a good point…

  3. Moriarty

    “I sense I’m somehow being accused” BEST LINE EVER.

    • SrPilha

      ^what Sherlock’s friend said :)

      • CommanderCooper

        His name was Watson. Dr. Watson.

  4. MC

    Good point Frank

  5. Jenthura

    If Wayne is one of Frank’s ‘created things’, then does that mean he is also murderous? He does not appear to be held against his will in any kind of way.

    • RageingAngel
      • MaryFilipina

        okay so Wayne is a sleeper agent.

    • Ourorboros

      Frank didn’t say that he only keeps his dangerous creations locked up. Frank certainly isn’t about letting them roam free to see what happens.
      Besides, he has a giant, intelligent rottweiler to keep Wayne under control

      • Marika Oniki
        Marika Oniki

        Well, I wouldn’t call Guy /giant/.

  6. Keenan

    How come the TwoGAG store doesn’t have any t-shirts?

  7. Chase

    “Speaking of escaping, you might want to leave the house”.

  8. Houto

    Best Fail EVER there Wayne. IDR which episode it was but after that apparently the entire world is now Franks experiment.

  9. RazorD9

    Well ain’t that a relief.

  10. █████

    “And to be honest, the Horrendous Houdini Hammerhead was really only a proof-of-concept.”

  11. MaryFilipina

    Okay so apparently the new Wayne clones are self-aware, either that, or Wayne, being a true friend, continues to hand around Frank despite being a mad scientist.
    And Hey! Frank does make cute furry experimental creatures! Remember the talking dog?!

  12. Bill Murphy

    What’s not cuddly about a monster sized shark? :P

  13. Ghoner

    Well I can think of at least one of its creations that was toward the cuddly departement, the talking dog! I wanna see him again :)

  14. Psychotic_Serpent

    I’m scared… Guy keeps following me on the screen. There is nowhere to hide!

  15. OzzieScribbler

    Now you made ma want to see Frank’s non-murderous creations. Maybe they’re living furbies or something?

  16. BMunro

    Wayne is very bad at escaping.

  17. DancingInMyStars

    Cx Oh Frank you bring me small giggles that I shall cherish ._. Maybe……..

  18. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    You never hear about giraffes or zebras escaping from zoos. You only hear about lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!).

  19. Andrew

    I just spent the day reading your whole archives. I think I need to go re-evaluate my life now.

  20. Stormhawk

    Hmmm, has Frank lost some weight? Ok, not germane to the discussion at hand, but I do bet a lot of you went into “oooo, look shiney” mode there.

    And to be perfectly honest, as long as you can hunt down, kill, and then eat it, what’s so very wrong about giant sharks? I mean, really, do you know what they go for per pound for sushi?

  21. captainstabbin

    I’m scared now, we all should be mortifally scared now.
    Someone hold me..