204 – The Responsible Thing

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  1. Andy

    How uh… how would she not know if she had a daughter though…
    was this guy that stupid, or did the crazy override intelligent thoughts?

    • das-g

      Oh, the bride didn’t know for some time, either. Not for sure, anyway.

    • Moriarty

      Oh, she knew. She just didn’t care. At all.

      • Moriarty

        Oh, wait, now I got the joke. I thought the other way. Where’s the delete button when you need it?

  2. MC

    That guy is really stupid. :I He expected to get away with faking a daughter, despite the fact she would have to get pregnant first.

    • Houto

      You forget that guy doesn’t have anything close to a good memory. Its how she met Wayne after all.With Franks aid this scenario is entirely possible…XD

    • Neferius

      He probably just thought “Hey, what’s [s]good[/s] works for the goose is good for the gander.” :P

  3. BananaMartyr

    Only the good kind of crazy kidnaps innocent children to use as ammo against an ex.

    • Neferius

      Might I recommend THERAPY.

  4. Moku

    Uh, yeah. I think she would know if she had a child. Unless it was like the kid Wayne clone or something.

  5. TimTimsen

    The shock when you just look at the panels and the relief when you read the dialogue…

    • Tori628

      I had a bad moment of panic before the last panel.

  6. Todd

    Actually, isn’t that the kind of over-the-top thing that a mini-Guy would say to put an end to a situation she finds annoying and… just to be evil?

    (States Exhibit A. http://www.twogag.com/archives/2437)

    • Jacob

      Good point, however any spawn of Guy would be incapable of looking that innocent in panel 2.

  7. someboddy

    Maybe Guy didn’t notice she was pregnant because no one dared to risk telling her?

  8. Geo

    This is the best one yet. Punch line was hilarious.

  9. Ghost

    you could tell right away that, that wasn’t her daughter she didn’t have horns with wings and can breath fire everyone know’s her children will be the down fall of humanity some day….if frank doesn’t get to it first that is.

  10. Chase

    Clearly it is not Guy’s daughter. She would have ripped the man’s heart out by now.

  11. RazorD9

    Dear god! That was close one, for a sec I thought that Guy somehow reproduce. But it just turned out to be a kidnapped kid with a styled hairdo… dear god that monster!

  12. Grumpy

    She has an ex that is still breathing?

  13. Bill Murphy

    Her ex looks a little like Wayne.
    She must have a thing for those types of ears.

    • Uncle Jellyfish
      Uncle Jellyfish

      I was thinking the same thing. A lot of her ex’s look like Wayne. Perhaps she just goes for guys like that, or maybe she’s secretly in love with him. I can’t postulate on this any further, though, as I haven’t bought the premium Guy In My Thoughts package yet.

      • DCHorror

        I’d buy that. There’s an early piece in which Wayne offers to cheer her up and she breaks out the dominatrix gear before getting further clarification.

  14. Lorialet

    Brilliant! and also awfully creepy.

  15. Gual

    This one!
    My sides! XD

  16. JamesB192

    It could work if….
    the daughter is a chimeric clone or looped.
    either the ‘mom’ Guy and/or ‘current’ Guy are a clones or looped
    mindwipe, because Guy would offend someone with the tech

    but it does seem like freaky stalkerishness

  17. █████

    So we finally meet ‘Dwayne’.


  18. MaryFilipina

    oh my god Guy, MARRY HIM.

  19. Dude who is just wrong
    Dude who is just wrong

    I sense that Frank had a hand in this… somewhere, I don’t know where, but it’s there.

  20. JTM93

    Wow… not gonna lie I think the fact that there is an Adopt us kids ad on this page just adds o the comic…

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    Seems like Guy’s type to me.

  22. RBZ

    Well, this throws some light on the Shitropolis Girl-Cub Scouts membership.


    Or maybe it just muddies the water even more!

    • Houto

      Good point

  23. prime_pm

    I don’t know why, but I’d like for Mini-Guy to become canon.

    Of course, the word “canon” a lapse term on this comic.

  24. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Why would anybody think asking Guy for help would work, ever?

  25. TGAG

    I love the look on Wayne’s face in the last panel.

  26. Aiarashi

    I’d say the dude thought he could tell her the Stork brought her. lol

  27. Gladie

    I was mildly disappointed that mini-Wayne didn’t last. I doubt that mini-Guy will either.