206 – Mess

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  1. Fayven

    I hope this means Wayne’s mom makes an appearance soon.

    • GIRL

      No, when has there ever been continuity?

  2. Gingernorton

    Wait, so the clock moves… but not the sun?

    • Maeglin

      May not have a window, just a single lamp providing the light.

      The sun is too scary.

    • someboddy

      This whole comic describe a time span of 10 minutes. Guy is setting the clock when Wayne is not looking to mess up with him.

  3. Ghost

    in the last panel he just adds his coffee cup to the mess i bet the room wasn’t even that dirty when he started.

  4. MC

    Green circle can

    • ADD33r

      It’s his missing piece

  5. Chase

    Philosophical thy name is Wayne.

  6. Jimmy C
    Jimmy C

    He’s been spending too much time around Guy.

  7. Houto

    Are you kidding me?!?!? That wasn’t even a mess! DX Half hour tops for that room

  8. MaryFilipina

    I have a feeling instead of Wayne’s mom, Frank will show up with some kind of memory wiping stick thingy and a cleaning robot.

  9. Jenthura

    It’s not even his real mom anymore since he’ only a clone. That’s kinda sad for her.

    • Ourorboros

      Hey, no matter what she is still his female genetic contributor and you can’t take that away from them.

  10. Bill Murphy

    Hey, what are mom

    • Bill Murphy

      Hey, what are mom’s for!

      I messed up my post… :[

  11. Sigs

    How can he know what time it is? The stupid clock’s arms are the same length D:

    • ginger-ben

      I thought the same thing – then I took a closer look and one arm is indeed shorter than the other. Difference is very slight, though.

  12. RBZ

    The prequel to this strip probably goes like this:

    Wayne: Mum’s coming to visit! I’d better make everything nice and tidy for her! *rushes off*
    Guy: What’s his problem?
    Frank: I told him I’m cleaning up the basement lab, and I’ll be bringing up one of the old cloning vats later.

  13. etherealscorpions

    Boxing glove on a fishing rod?

    • Keenan

      It’s for punch-fishing.