208 – Up in the World

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  1. Chuck Chuckerson

    Must’ve been a handsome ransom.

  2. Rex

    she collected the money, then she ran some. ah, puns.

  3. Nottingham

    Gotta love your autumn kidnapping :)

  4. Jnite

    You know I was expecting a “I stole it” ending, but nope. Apparently I wasn’t thinking dark enough.

  5. Cyan

    took me a while, but oh god…

  6. Blurg

    Saaay, is that a reference to Craig Ferguson in the middle panel?

    • Kyatt

      “That sounded dirty…”

  7. Jim North

    *obligatory Guy Is Hot In Her New Jacket comment*

    • Tridecanol

      *obviously Guy is Hot in every Jacket*

      • Anime fan
        Anime fan

        Think she’ll do the same thing to get a matching pair of boots.

    • MaryFilipina

      *Obligatory proposition to Guy after seeing her in her new jacket*

  8. Greg

    Spent a minute or so wondering what a “Break baby” was. This might be good time for an extra comma.

    • Seth

      It’s never a good time for a comma that doesn’t make sense. The real problem is the space between ‘baby’ and ‘sitting’, which should not exist.

      • wilder125

        Unless she was using the baby as her seat cushion or foot stool.

  9. Pooperz Mcgee
    Pooperz Mcgee

    I think I may have a bit of brain damage after this one…

  10. Beluga

    Oh my gosh Wayne’s face in the second panel.

  11. Houto

    Even when Guy smiles she’s angry. Look at her eyebrows and you can see the truth of how she’s feeling.

  12. Kittykittylicklick2090

    I don’t get it. Someone please explain to moi!

    • Uncle Jellyfish
      Uncle Jellyfish

      She kidnapped some rich guy’s kid, apparently.

      • Ourorboros

        Actually, I think she watched the kid for the kidnappers. She baby-sat for the kidnappers, not the parents.

        • Dude who is just wrong
          Dude who is just wrong

          or she baby-sat for some robbers..,…

  13. PizzaDur

    Is it supposed to be like leons leather jacket they released for the one resident evil 6 collectors edition

    • Jack Jak
      Jack Jak

      Oh god… You’re right… That IS Leon’s jacket with different colors.

  14. Strychnine

    Nah, I’m convinced that she really was only babysitting, except, she was baby sitting for the kidnappers. (i.e. she was helping the kidnappers babysit)

  15. Aetrun

    Let’s make it even more convoluted. The kid needed a babysitter so went and hired someone who wouldn’t care what he did so he could get away with a lot of mischief. Paid by parents, paid by kid, and parents displeased because she did nothing to keep said kid out of trouble. Probably, she encouraged it.

  16. LauW

    Damn, i want the same jacket Oo

    • das-g

      You know what you gotta do, now.

      • Pooperz Mcgee
        Pooperz Mcgee

        Grab a dirty butcher knife and pry the jackets from their lifeless corpses and find an unholy method in which to rape their souls?

  17. David

    That’s a bit of a downward slide for Guy. Being only a middle-man and not the perpetrator!

    Ah well, there’s always the reliable “I was coerced into it, Your Honour”.

    • Ourorboros

      Contractor, not perpetrator or middle-man.

  18. that one guy
    that one guy

    nah what probly happen was she was babysitting for the kidnappers

  19. madock345

    apparently, I was thinking too dark.
    my first thought was that someone hired guy to assassinate a baby, and she smothered it.

    • Gillsing

      “That jacket looks expensive.”
      “It’s made out of baby skin.”

  20. RBZ

    Nice Norman Wisdom reference. Very subtle.

  21. Quiksilv

    Nah, she babysat all right, but on her own behalf (and prob’ly the kid’s), not the parents’ …meaning she had fun corrupting the kidlet’s mindset. Sooo Guy!