209 – That Scary Place

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  1. Jnite

    Oh he says he’s not, but I think we all know that they’ll both go down to the warehouse. They’ll look for the killer, but by strange coincidence will find Frank there instead.

    • DCHorror

      In clown make-up.

      • Jnite

        The irony of my avatar was not lost on me after I wrote that comment.

  2. Paul Anthony Webb

    Typo from Guy in the last panel.

    • MTGradwell

      To be more specific, in case that helps: there’s two n’s in planning. Planing is a word, but it means something different.

  3. Lauren

    Frank created something that murdered them or he did it himself.

  4. RadioJeff

    Good call, Mr. Webb. Me luvz TwoGAG. Me hatez mizpeling.

  5. Roborat

    Where do these people live that have all these abandoned fairgrounds, factories, schools, military bases, atomic power plants, etc. laying around? All I have ever seen is the odd vacant house. Plus, wouldn’t the police eventually figure out that the bad guys always build their secret bases in these structures? Some new bad guy shows up, the first thing they would check would be the local abandoned facilities.

  6. Chase

    I was expecting Frank to come in, soaked in blood and carrying a butcher knife.

    • Grumpy

      Too sloppy. Frank would come in with a big plastic bag and a bottle of laundry detergent. Then he’d say something like “Oh, by the way, I borrowed the chainsaw out of the garage. You may want to get the chain sharpened.”

  7. Pooperz Mcgee
    Pooperz Mcgee

    DO IT!!! You know you want to! There’s candy there!

  8. Zacula

    Oh, Wayne’s safe. Frank never kills him on purpose, after all.

    • Ourorboros

      That we know of.
      Wayne is safe because Frank has spares of Wayne. No matter what he does to ‘Wayne’ there will be another ‘Wayne’ missing inconvenient memories.

  9. Ourorboros

    Because going there isn’t just stupid, it’s WAYNE-stupid.

  10. WitUnderPressure

    that’s what my friend says about roller coasters; it’s safest right after there’s been an incident and they reset the system

  11. Vincent Ward

    Oh yea he or she states he’s not really, however I believe everyone knows which they’ll each drop towards the stockroom. They’ll search for the actual monster, however through unusual chance will discover Honest presently there rather. Enter post entire body right here…

  12. MaryFilipina

    If Guy goes with Wayne, it would be a reverse Chainsaw Massacre, ending with the audience actually rooting for the serial killer to survive.

  13. JosHollerbusch

    I would have expected this from Frank…
    Nevertheless, great Strip!
    Keep going dude i love your Comic!

  14. Bill Murphy

    Oh, isn’t that where Frank is staying now??? :P

  15. Jackson

    I love how everyone’s mind goes straight to Frank, even though he’s not mentioned or even hinted at in the strip. Rickard Jonasson, you have trained us well.

  16. Hellmouth

    I like how everyone assumes Wayne would go there of his own choice when it seems to me that Guy is almost-goading him into going because he’d probably get killed. And he sees through her plans.

  17. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    *Obligatory statement that Guy is the culprit*

  18. Pony H.
    Pony H.

    Why does everybody think Frank is the killer?
    He isn’t! – They found the bodies.