210 – Handle Yourself

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  1. Saeed

    I might have to try that. Probably would still have a job.

  2. Bill Murphy

    Don’t worry Wayne…
    Buddy Frank will make it all better…

  3. Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister

    If Frank isn’t testing some sort of mind-controlling/will-bending/emotion-inducing device/technique, I don’t buy it.

    Still a good advice though.

    • Ourorboros

      Frank isn’t trying mind control. Frank is unemotional, for him the solution to an excess of emotion is to simply get rid of it.

      This was nicely set up by everything we have learned about Frank.

  4. saph

    Didn’t even occur to me.

    • MaryFilipina

      RIGHT?! holeecrap it’s so simple!

  5. TimTimsen

    Damn, Frank is a genius!
    I should try this “calm down” thingy the next time I’m pissed, too.

  6. Chase

    Frank wasn’t being helpful. He did an experiment on Wayne that could kill him if he gets angry.

  7. Polymer

    Is it… bad… that I find Frank the most relatable character?

    • Pants

      I often wonder the same thing.

    • ReplyBot

      It would be worse if you found Wayne most relatable

      • Polymer

        I severely doubt that. Wayne’s anger is quite normal. Frank and I? Our anger gets expressed much more creative and… productive ways.

  8. D

    Can we please have another strip where Frank buys two seemingly mundane items and the clerk looks a him funny

  9. captain fantastic

    Said no-one ever…

  10. Jake Terror

    I know Wayne’s the butt of the joke, but I want to see Guy get hurt, like physically hurt, bruising and everything, the full Chris Brown. Just once, and get back to the usual routine

  11. Victor

    Now if only Guy’d take Frank’s advice…

    Oh wait, she’d normally lashes it out on Wayne.

    • Ourorboros

      That we see.
      There was the time she went to a video game store to beat up some nerds.

  12. Zankman

    Every new strip I read, I am reminded of how fantastic this webcomic is.

    This exact same premise, this exact same art style, along with fully-written 20-minute episodes, with some decent voice-acting…

    Perfect TV show, really.

  13. ProjectXa3

    Is it me or are Wayne’s sideburns getting bigger?

  14. Moku

    I love the expressions on Wayne’s face in the first two panels.

  15. captainstabbin

    Awesome response, Frank.

  16. flatcap

    “Calm down” says the man who can barely control his rage.