211 – Timeship

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  1. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Ironic is what people do when they are to lazy to form a real opinion.

  2. Chase

    I thought Wayne would know by now if you ask Guy if she said something nice to him, she’ll troll it back to him.

    • Maclardal

      Maybe every time a Wayne clone is activated it doesn’t have a full memory set :)

  3. RazorD9

    With Guy, you are a winner and a loser.

  4. patrick

    Guy, why do you keep hang out with Wayne?! Is it to have someone easy to harass? You can not tell me that she couldn’t find some one new easily.
    Side note: this is one of those situations where she either kills him or they get together, isn’t it?

  5. Led

    Aww she indirectly called him a friend in the last panel!

    • DCHorror

      She indirectly called him a good friend in the first panel.

    • RBZ

      More correctly, she called herself a good friend in the third panel.

      Then again, for Guy, a ‘good friend’ could mean someone who’ll clamp one hand around your throat and flatten your face with the other!

  6. Logic

    You can see guy blushing

    • Polymer

      No, Guy seems to have red, shiny cheeks ALL THE TIME nowadays. I find that that, and the scowl, tend to make her an unrelatable character. I think the perpetual scowl is okay, but the cheeks thing is kinda weird.

      • Stranger

        They’ve always been coloured that way- it’s simply more pronounced now.

        • JackRendar

          If you look closesly in the first 2 panels she is blushing because it diminshes in the third panel.

          • Polymer

            Compare it to your avatar, for instance. Her expression never changes anymore . She doesn’t even express joy over Wayne’s pain.

      • Logic

        Check yourself and compare

        This strip is the last time guy had screentime before this one.

        • Polymer

          Pink, shiny cheeks then. I think it’s the “shiny” I’m noticing.

  7. tudza

    Won the friend lottery? I think he just managed to get $2 from a scratch off ticket.

    • Anime fan
      Anime fan

      Closer to two Yen I think.

  8. Big Mike the webcomic reader
    Big Mike the webcomic reader

    I enjoy this webcomic. Very much. I wonder what my icon will be this time.

  9. just some random
    just some random

    Everyone notices Guy’s cheeks are redder than usual.
    I say there’s a just few shots of bourbon in her morning coffee.
    Or maybe a few shots of coffee in her morning bourbon. I don’t judge.

    • J

      Your icon for that comment is perfect!

  10. ...

    Is it bad that I find Guy attractive?

    • Ark

      Yes it is.
      (The whole animation/real life argument aside, as animation is a sort of shorthand based on how our minds remember characteristics)
      Best case scenario: You end up like Wayne, with her acting tsundere and afraid to have any positive emotions.
      Worst case scenario: You end up having to tell her about the lambs, Clarice.

  11. MaryFilipina

    This strip hit home in a dark place for me. Still, Guy’s friendship is Dark Magic.

  12. Hi I'm Guy
    Hi I'm Guy

    I notice that in the last panel, her mug is a little more round

  13. Guy who is a guy
    Guy who is a guy

    I’ve been following this comic since the summer and it is without a doubt my new favorite! Just wanted to say that. Also, if anyone can recommend some other good comics with this type of humor, I’d be very appreciative!