213 – The Weather

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  1. MarkvonDrake

    I should try this.

  2. GodRustang

    And suddenly I have a novel idea. Thank you. xD

    • Franki

      yeah, i was just thinking, gotta get some legal envelopes ^_^

      • Cavemaneca

        I fully support this idea.

  3. Lauren

    Red circle guy! ouo

  4. Furrama

    Hmmm. Could have punched this up a bit by having Wayne say something a bit more personal for him to say and outlandish, like say about how the weather is cold enough to freeze off a dog’s balls or something.

    • Chuck Chuckerson

      I think the idea is that people making idle smalltalk usually say something like “yeah, it’s nice.” They’re agreeable even if they don’t agree. Wayne is confrontational, so he disagreed.

      • Furrama

        And I do get that, I just feel like this needed a bit more oomph. The beats are already there, play it harder.

  5. Chase

    I believe that man was looking for Frank.

  6. Polymer

    I would’ve missed this one if not for the caption.

  7. Trevor

    Ahem. “This comic is dumb.”

    • ToasterAttack

      You’re dumb

      • Pent

        Its from the authors message, and actually means he really likes the comic.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Someone needs to refill his little blue pills.

    • █████

      “I’ve read worse comics…on the internet. ”
      *scratches his left shoulder*
      *adjusts his collar*

  8. FuzzyPuff

    Would only happen to Wayne!
    :D Love it!

  9. Murasume

    you’d expect something was weird~
    especially considering both of them were wearing sunglasses~
    on a cloudy and rainy day out there~
    it’s possible that Wayne actually died that day~
    and was cloned again by Frank~

    • das-g

      What about people wearing sunglasses even when it’s dark?

      • Polymer

        And WHAT is wrong with that?

      • Murasume

        then they’re like guy~
        wit her strange evil eyes disease~
        the one wit her eyes glow red in the dark~
        Vampires maybe also~?

      • Blackbird71

        You should keep an eye on those people; they’re watching you weave then breathe your story lines…

  10. MaryFilipina

    If this were a trailer, I would watch this movie.

  11. Houto

    Un ch un un ch Another clone bites the dust
    and another one down and another one down
    another clone bites the dust! :3

  12. MrGBH

    Just remember that the owls are still around.

    • Evilweirdo

      The forests of Timber sure are… Oh, wait.

  13. Schrödingers Katze
    Schrödingers Katze

    We need a new Waaay~nee! XD

  14. Bill Murphy

    It’s raining, and cold. If someone said to me on a park bench that it was a nice day I would get up and walk away.
    OK, I take that back. If he was to sit on a park bench that I was already on, I would get up and walk away.

  15. RBZ

    Is that a slightly disguised Keith?

  16. Eric

    If by “never” he means “always.” Got to hate it when you intercept secret documents like that huh?