216 – Knowledge

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  1. TheImprobableOne

    Wayne once had some sort of power of people and there was an actual level beneath him? The world has changed a lot since he left high school.

    • DCHorror

      So, the teachers and counselors were right about popularity and power?

    • RBZ

      The only change in the world, from Wayne’s point of view, is Guy entered it.

  2. Moku

    Are there a bunch of Wayne-babies running around somewhere then?

    • Ourorboros

      Sex is a necessary element.

      • Led

        So… No? :D

    • MaryFilipina

      I’m sure Frank is smart enough to make all Wayne clones sterile.

  3. Aiarashi

    Well, at least he didn’t get any girl pregnant, right?… right?…..

  4. Odd

    Whoa, Wayne used to be a bully. Let me take a minute to comprehend this.

  5. Lauren

    Wayne is higher up on the social level? Amazing and his hair was slicked back or whatever. So much has changed Wayne. You should feel bad

  6. Chase

    Wasn’t Frank around when Wayne and Guy were teens?

    • cruciform

      Do you really think Frank would correct him?

    • Ourorboros

      Frank was around when Guy was a toddler, already an adult, perhaps exiting from an alien space craft.
      Wayne came around later. Guy sat next to to Wayne instead of one of her oldest friends and just continued lon.

    • █████

      Actually that glasses-wearing kid is Frank.
      Technically, Francis.

      The man we know today as Frank was getting a little too well known in his previous identity.

      • Ourorboros

        Frank is far too bad ass to get wedgies.

        • █████

          I’m not saying that the kid in this comic is the Frank we know and fear/love.
          I’m saying that after he reached a certain age, Frank stole the kid’s identity.

          And the kid was never seen again.

  7. Bill Murphy

    I like teenager Wayne. :D

  8. Tim

    Of course Egypt isn’t in Africa. Otherwise Egyptian-Americans would be African-Americans.

    Note: for those of you that think the second sentence is a joke…. it isn’t. Some people really are that dumb.

    • bug

      ummm yes egypt is in africa. its at the topmost part (north africa) and “joins” africa to the middle east

  9. David

    I feel no sympathy for Wayne. Mostly because I was the nerd getting hassled for answers…

  10. alphatroll

    How are all you people seeing the comic at all? I see no comic at all. Just white space. Does it take place in a snowstorm? Or is something wrong with Chrome?

    • Ourorboros

      I use Chrome and I see it fine.

    • David

      Do you see any images at all? If you don’t then that could just be something in settings, but if you do except the comic, then… I don’t know.

  11. Schrödingers Katze
    Schrödingers Katze

    Oh, how deep the mighty has fallen. XD

  12. Z2

    Let the record show that bullying a tutor is not an acceptable method of learning.

    Any teases of ‘sissy’ or ‘girly’ are almost certain to get Missinformation from Mister information.

  13. Flan y grande cabesas de lechuga
    Flan y grande cabesas de lechuga

    The truth is that Wayne is actually the nerd and he believed all that crap.