217 – The One Chore

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  1. Aska

    So that’s why Wayne was cloned… How mean…

  2. ShinyShez

    Wow, it took me to long to get this one. Now I feel bad.

    • Curt

      Don’t feel too bad. I had to read the comments to get it.

      • Doofus


    • Jnite

      I swear I had to re-read it like 5 times before it clicked.

    • Seth

      I am proud to say that this one only took me a few seconds, but there was one I while back that I had to read the comments to get, and it still didn’t quite make sense. I swear, this comic has the subtlest punchlines on the Internet, and they’re only getting subtler.

  3. Mac

    Good, but I think its slightly lost on the last frame with his expression, you might want to shorten his mouth line just a little to convey that shocked or confused look

  4. Exarion

    Sorry for being too dumb for this sometimes… could somebody explain this one to me please?

    • Moriarty

      I THINK that Frank suggests here that Wayne has been created by Frank in his lab to do his dishes. This may be a call-back to the strip in which Wayne is revealed to be constantly replaced by Frank with clones, but then again, that would suggest that 2gag has a continuity.

      • Ourorboros

        Although the use of “Automaton” suggests this Wayne might be a robot or android.
        At this point Waynes are pretty much mass produced.

    • Shade
      • Jnite

        It’s weird looking at the older strips and then comparing them to the newer ones. They seem so alien now.

        • Seth

          Yeah, I never noticed an art shift as I read the comics in order, but jumping back to that strip from today, the characters look almost right, but not quite. It’s like an Uncanny Valley effect.

          • Liandrii

            I find it especially noticeable how Frank has barely changed, while Guy and Wayne look so alien (quite literally with those big pupils).

      • The Guy
        The Guy

        their eyes were so different then^

  5. Lauren

    Yeah Wayne, get to them >:/

  6. Chase

    I think that’s the “Troll Wayne Clone”. The other clone is still in the pod.

  7. alphatroll

    Not only do I get the joke, I can see the comic! (Unlike the previous one.)

  8. Javer

    Guy looks even more stick-thin than usual. Where does she keep her organs?

  9. Pooperz Mcgee
    Pooperz Mcgee

    I had to re-read it twice till it finally hit me… Good Lord Frank…

  10. Gillsing

    I wonder why Frank didn’t program his automaton so that it would want to do the dishes? And any other chore that would need doing. Maybe doing the dishes is a low priority function, and having the human mentality of the original was considered more important for the sake of experiments?

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Because that would be CREEPY.

  11. nan

    Hum, a self-conscious automaton… Is this a bug or feature?

    • das-g

      Yes, it is.

  12. Bill Murphy

    Wayne should be happy. He now knows that there is a purpose to his life.

  13. Who Me?
    Who Me?

    There are comments?

    • Seth

      There are!? Where?

      • Who Me?
        Who Me?

        I wish I knew, I have some brilliant, witty comments to make,somewhere.

        • Seth

          If you ever figure it out, do let me know.