219 – Unwanted Company

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  1. Hi I'm Guy
    Hi I'm Guy

    I swear, I thought she was talking about Wayne

    • Bluebird

      Are you that sure that she isn’t?

      • Hi I'm Guy
        Hi I'm Guy

        Well, I mean just Wayne, but him and a friend would totally be worse.

    • SrPilha

      I can totally see Wayne asking for (worse: offering!) acoustic guitar. Especially if he thinks Guy isn’t around to stab him to death for it.

      Or for any reason, really.

  2. Ourorboros

    Back in my college days, I remember the type that took it upon themselves to be the DJ. Or parties where somebody (stoned) pulled out the bongos.

  3. RageingAngel

    This has clinched favourite Guy moment for me, great dark humour as always.

  4. KR4U55

    Dat light use……

  5. gut

    at least its not air guitar…

  6. MaryFilipina

    I’d call the cops on dub step.

    • David

      I wouldn’t… until after the murders.

      • abibiliboop

        Ahh… but if you call before then you can claim self defense and fear for your life… much harder to prove afterwards, as I assume it will be a massive bloodbath.

  7. Bill Murphy

    That is a great way to get your guests to leave. :)

  8. Graham

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a Blaster Nation update or something?

  9. Taurin

    You might want to put that Holy Water in a Super Soaker® water gun for faster deployment.

  10. TheImprobableOne

    In the last panel, the light makes it look like Guy has another small face with Professor Layton eyes.

  11. Uncle Jellyfish
    Uncle Jellyfish

    What’s wrong with acoustic guitar….? :<