221 – Ancient Text

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  1. Grumpy

    Where others play god Frank creates them?

    • Seth

      Maybe. I can see that the joke’s supposed to be something along those lines, but it is not at all clear exactly what the ‘one’ in Frank’s last line is referring to.

      • TimTimsen

        Frank discovered there is no god, the cult leader is disappointed, Frank asks if he could make a god (‘one’) for him.
        Had to read through it twice to get it.

        • Seth

          Like I said, it’s possible that that’s what was intended, but it’s not clear. First off, Frank didn’t discover that the god doesn’t exist; he discovered no proof of said god. Slight difference there. If his ‘one’ is a callback to that, he’s not talking about making a god; he’s talking about making a proof, which is a little odd, as the phrases ‘a proof’ and ‘one proof’ are typically only used in a mathematical context. It’s also awkward because of all the dialogue between the initial comment about the proof and the final comment about making one.

          • Jak94c

            I thought he was saying he could make a Cult so who knows, the joke is still funny. Frank still making things that he shouldn’t be able to just make XD

          • Seth

            Also possible, and a less awkward interpretation. Still, I tend to think that when I have to put this much thought into deciphering an ambiguous punchline, much of the humor is lost, more so when, as in this case, I’m still not quite sure what was intended.

          • Houto

            personally thought that it was a referance to the brainwashing chair….God as well. A Wayne is immortal somewhere after all

          • FPS

            It is very sure that there is no god of the cult,
            I mean the “ancient” text is written on Xenox.
            So he is clearly refearing to making a god

          • Zach

            It’s possible this was meant to be difficult to interpret, continuing the gag where Frank says “Awkward” after something he has done or said is misinterpreted. Thus, we are being lead to say that this particular strip is awkward and difficult to understand. Then again, that’s just my interpretation on the humor, which I have no evidence as to it being the creator’s intentions.

  2. Avis

    Hm. I believe he is saying that he will make an actual brainwashing chair.
    I can only assume that a cult with xerox scolls does not have a serious brainwashing chair.

    • Ourorboros

      Nope. They already have a brainwashing chair and he isn’t worried about it working. Also, look at the cultist’s eyes in the last panel.
      Frank is either offering to concoct proof or create a god. It’s Frank, so he is offering to create a god.
      Dude designs alien ships FOR ALIENS. He has a gateway to an alternate universe as well as a near real time simulation of his universe. He harvests souls to power his car.

      • Athol

        Hell, he can probably whip up a god for the cult over a weekend.

        • Ourorboros

          The key is to not let customers know how easy it is to create a god, or god-like being so you can charge them more.

      • Grumpy

        Precisely Ourorboros. It is more than what is in this one episode. It is what we know about Frank’s history from previous installments. Frank is offering to create what he believes to be what a god would be. Or at least what he feels this cult’s god would be.

  3. magnetoo

    Feeling inclined to comment on this particular strip, I realised it’s those few occasions I don’t find twogag funny that prompt me to say anything. And that misrepresents my usual, but unexpressed, opinion, so – great comic, drunken novice!

    • Seth

      Amen to that. When the punchline does make sense (which it usually does), it’s hilarious.

  4. Bliss

    LOL!!! Frank is the only one who’s do that

  5. Feneris

    Well, Frank always seems like someone who would solve the problem at its source

  6. David

    Frank doesn’t play God…

    He simply designs one in his basement (He might have developed a more soul… er, fuel-efficient car, and has some left over).

  7. reebs

    Well, i think he’s referring to the brainwashing chair – making one for the one which uses it on others, to make him truly believe in his own lies and maybe taking seriously what he now admits no one can.

  8. Moh

    i tougth one was reference to the “nobody”

  9. RBZ

    Frank’ll probably whip out a catalogue of God Parts, and draw attention to the most popular features: Large white beard, long flowing robes, and many, many tentacles.

  10. Bill Murphy

    Bottom line is, Frank is weird. :P

  11. guest

    Mad scientist creating god for Evil cult… reminds me of something.

  12. BMunro

    Mad scientists: always coming up with perfectly reasonable and utterly terrifying solutions to your problems.

  13. wr4ith0

    This is an interestingly dedicated continuation of frank’s inability to get his point across. I assume he’d be offering to make the cultists a deity, but it doesn’t really hurt the joke to think that he’s just offering a new robe instead XD

  14. VANhasVOICE

    Meh, for me it’s clear. Frank offered a brand new god xD I mean c’mmon, he did so much WEIRD and creepy things that at this point, I’ve just thought “Oh, he can make a god? LOL, insaaaaane maaan.”

  15. Flagalstan

    I’m still wondering where they got these “Ancient Scrolls” that apparently xerox.

  16. sr123

    As with other posters above, I originally thought “make one” referred to a cult. On second read, I got God, and that was way funnier, but lost the shock value.

    In short, remember the Manual of Style? You buried the antecedant.

  17. Quin

    When ever I read it I get.

    I guess I should give up the robe and the brain washing chair because our cult is fake.
    I could make a real brain washing chair to help.