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  1. Vincent

    Dammit Frank.

    Those won’t taste good.

    • Liggli

      Tastes like chicken.

      • Sandra

        More like long pig!
        Human flesh doesn’t taste like chicken

  2. Ourorboros

    Since the literalist character of Frank is well established, the 3rd and 4th panel are overkill.

    • Forecaster

      There are only three panels, the third consisting of frank and the terrarium with the mice. : P

      • zyphax

        And are totally awesome.

      • Ourorboros

        On second look, you are quite correct, Forecaster.
        However, my point stands, that knowing Frank the imagination does far more. It is still a good joke, though a bit out of character. But the unknown is a useful writing tool.

        • Jak94c

          Yeah I wouldn’t have guessed that without the third pannel. I don’t think many people would have. It would have been one of the pictures where there are many different opinions in the comments and no one knows.

          • Ember

            That’s half the fun! :D

            But the comic was good either way. ^.^

  3. nan

    Which of the Ninja Turtles is Frank? Purple mask, Donatello, of course.
    Well, at least we now know how Splinter came about…

  4. Walter

    Love the ‘angel’ version of the green dot

    • Sigs

      The hell you talking about? Half this page is green O_o

    • Sigs

      Nevermind, I just found out I’m retarded.

      • Jak94c

        Help me then I’m lost! D:

        • Sigs

          Wayne’s shirt.. It’s usually green with a green dot, and now it’s an “angel version” of it because his costume is that of an angel ;P

  5. mrtt

    I am pretty sure these will taste terrible… he should have coated them with chocolate

  6. Weird Girl
    Weird Girl

    The Fourth Panel mae me realize that we’ve never TRULY seen Frank’s nose.
    That will be all.


  7. AsimovSideburns

    Honestly, I think it would have been funnier if Frank said something like, “Of course not!”

    Indignation. Frank would never feed you human fingers. Finger shaped mutated rat pieces on the other hand…

  8. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Funny that this is actually possible. Scientists already grow replacement ears and noses on mice for transplanting to humans.

  9. █████

    The most annoying thing about making cloned fingers is the way mice keep growing out of the stumps.

  10. Bill Murphy

    Great job on this guest strip!
    I had forgotten all about that mouse finger thing. :P

  11. Grumpy

    Serve ‘em with a nice onion dip. MmMmMm, finger licking good!

  12. someboddy

    The perfect pet for nose-pickers!

  13. Jason

    Shoulda had Guy as the angel. Irony is funny.

  14. rnd

    Fingers in my snacks, toes in my drinks, what more could I possibly ask for?


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