Guest – I am ARG

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  1. Sean

    Fantastic haha

    and a mix up of my two favorite webcomic artists too

  2. Victor

    Y’know Wayne, at some point in your life you’d notice that she’d do the opposite of helping.

    • Andre

      The Wayne clones are destroyed as soon as they begin to achieve that level of consciousness.

  3. Bill Murphy

    Great job capturing the essence of this comic. :)
    I love the expressions you gave Wayne. Especially the second panel.

  4. David

    ARG. Nailed it. That is all.

    • magnetoo

      It is good, but nailing it would have required having no speech balloon in the last panel.

      • Xadrea

        But there is no speech bubble in the last panel? Lol

        • iamarg

          where did it go????

          • Javis

            I misplace speech bubbles sometimes too…it’s a genetic disorder.

          • magnetoo

            You’re welcome.

  5. Adren

    I wanted to complain about the lack of Dicks in this Drawing, but then i noticed Arg! in the first panel.

  6. Xadrea

    Loving these guest strips :D

  7. Stopa

    swear that when i looked at this comic a couple of hours earlier Guy had a speech bubble in the last panel what happened am i going mad

    • TimTimsen

      You’re not alone, she DID say something in the last panel.
      But it’s better this way, makes Guy look less stupid in front of certain readers.

      • Stopa

        I even remember what it was. it was something along the lines of “you should know better to not leave stuff to my interpretations”

  8. Kineteken

    Arg in the background in the first panel hehe.

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