222 – Mending Egoes

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  1. Stranger

    Bedhair Guy.

    • MaryFilipina

      I’m right there with ya, Stranger.

      • nan

        Out-of-bed-hair… actually, would that also suggest that Guy was so drunk that she… and Wayne… no, no way.

        • patrick

          They live in the same house.

          • Ourourboros

            Sometimes. Sometimes not.

          • Moriarty

            Continuity? What blasphemy is this?

  2. █████

    “-and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly.”

    • Houto

      Nice POTC reference there

  3. Burns

    So what could Guy have said to Wayne the night before?

    • Jim North

      “You’re a really great guy deep underneath it all, and you’re going to go far in life once you learn both empathy for others and confidence in yourself. Wayne, I . . . I believe in you.”

      • MangaEngel

        And after she had said that, a man divided zero, a black hole appeared next to the earth, the sun exploded and a gigantic dinosaur riding on Hitler came, leading hell to the humans where Justin Bieber songs play on infinite repeat.

        • Ourorboros

          You forgot that somebody found a real number solution to the square root of -1.

          • MangaEngel

            Oh, I’m sorry.
            I didn’t mean to.
            I also realized that I forgot to mention the magic squirrels that will take over the world once we are gone and that will built a society based on cheese tacos and fairies.
            So careless of me, I’m truly sorry.

  4. Bill Murphy

    Aww Guy. I missed you last week. Wecome back! ;)

  5. TISM

    Turns out that Guy saying that Wayne is a complete and utter tosser is the sort of thing she reserves for when she is drunk.

    Normally she isn’t that honest, she just implies that she thinks that, rather than out and out saying it.

    • Ourourboros

      She was probably more explicit and detailed when drunk. She’ll still (and has) said it when sober.

  6. Chase

    I wonder what she would say after a few rounds of Power Hour?

  7. Xadrea

    Well considering the violence that Guy’s capable of, perhaps Wayne should be grateful she isn’t always “honest”

  8. Meenos

    Sometimes I think Guy is a generally nice person when she wants to be, but still I always wonder what would happen if Wayne had just disappeared for a very long time xD