224 – Retaliation

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  1. Sakugen

    Not even Fort Nox could protect them from Frank

  2. Syhkane
    • Ourorboros

      Well that one is similar to when Guy hired a Gypsy to get revenge on Wayne.
      Not so much like when Wayne opened the window when Guy was in the shower so the shower curtain would stick to Guy.

      This is far better, drawn out and many people helping with the punishment.

  3. Ourorboros

    Guy will find much use for her . . . excess energy in prison.
    Wayne will have many friends.

  4. Sigs

    Find it amazing how both buckets just stayed right on top of their heads without falling down.

  5. Bill Murphy

    The syringe in the cop’s neck was a great touch!

  6. Nolan

    It’s like nobody likes each other, but they’re too lazy to find new friends. Though, this is one way to get the ball rolling I suppose.

  7. Murasume

    the cop looks kinda drunk in the face~
    with that blush on his face~
    but then again as I look at everyones face~
    they all have those strange blush marks~
    poor officer what’s his face~
    I bet there was something in the water they didnt kno about~

  8. Keenan

    The bucket-full-of-water-balanced-on-top-of-the-door prank doesn’t work when the door opens outward like that.

    • Pants

      Frank cares not for the laws of physics!

  9. Stranger

    Wet shirts just aren’t the same when they’re black.

  10. Karkitty

    I watch homestuck. Oh, oh my. Its BUCKETS!

    • Hakuren

      Wtf about buckets?

    • Curses!

      Hahahahahaha. Although I’m not sure watch is the correct term
      (Dat username.)
      @Hakuren It’s another webcomic.
      Unless you got it. Then I feel stupid.

  11. MTGradwell

    I doubt that Frank deliberately tried to frame anyone for a crime. He just had this prank he wanted to pull, and the police officer was getting in the way of him doing it.

  12. Feneris

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just Frank’s plan to get them all worried about what unholy revenge he was cooking up, and them make them feel silly when they find out it was nothing.