225 – Don’t Assume

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  1. Derrath


  2. Goat

    As long as I don’t count as a witness, my neighbors can do whatever they want.

    • Calvin

      Or as evidence. *Shudder*

    • Casey 1988
      Casey 1988

      I don’t even want to know what some of my neighbors do. One is a creepy old guy who is HAM radio operator in his fun time; that makes him seem creepier.

  3. Ellyn


    Also OH MY GOD your RSS feed has full-sized images now? WOOOOOOOOOO

    • Sandra

      Yesss!!! Thanks Drunken Novice!

  4. Chris M
    Chris M

    Oh god no don’t put full size images in your RSS.

    Unless you added ads?

    I’ll never click through and you’ll get no impressions!

  5. Polymer

    Guy looks more concerned and less angry than usual.

  6. Snake Man448
    Snake Man448

    I wonder what the contents of a ‘Not a Real Magazine’ are.

    • RBZ

      Well, whatever the contents are, Guy appears to prefer reading ‘Not a Real Magazine’ from back to front.

      And she hogs the cushions too!

  7. █████

    Question: Are we hearing Person A then Person B, then Person B again or just the one person the whole way through?
    (Not including the screaming.)

    • █████

      Or is it open to interpretation?
      (Is Frank talking to himself again?)

      • Ourorboros

        “I’m sure there are two sides to this”
        i.e. other than the scream you are hearing the one side.

  8. washu

    maybe the only sympathy she can show is to other incredibly violent women. in fact, since they are already neighbors, they could hang out, become friends.

  9. David

    “The meat truck? Oh… that’s just part of my job at the slaughterhouse. Care for a tour sometime?”

  10. patrick

    Of course guy would say that.

  11. Moku

    Haha, that pokerface expression on Wayne in panel 2.

  12. Han

    It looked like Guy from the twogag store ad was saying “look at the mess you made” due to the speech bubble placement :P

    • Asmodeus

      Frank’s Guy 1.5 was not nearly as stable as the improved 2.0 version.
      Of course, that’s all a matter of perspective.

  13. Bill Murphy

    I love the blood scream in the second panel! XD

  14. Xadrea

    We can only hope Frank isn’t involved.

  15. MaKayla

    I really really REALLY want guy and wayne to go out

  16. Jason

    Anyone else find the picture of the heart monitor line in the backround ironic?

    • Ourorboros

      Yes, I was going to comment on that.

  17. HilBethJay

    That is totally not a real magazine.

  18. someboddy

    That’s not the neighbors – that’s Frank and his sentient central computer.

    Can’t tell which speech bubble belong to whom, though…

  19. Grumpy

    “I’m sure there’s two sides to this.”
    Well, if there weren’t before there are now.

  20. Queenie Capria
    Queenie Capria

    It’s like my old neighbout who liked to watch horror movies, with the only sound being the scream and painful death sounds……. wait a minute!

  21. WitUnderPressure

    they’ve got a tree in their living room that serves as the target of their anger

  22. Bliss

    Double standard in its finest

  23. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I’d believe Guy.