227 – Holiday Plans

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  1. Sigs

    Wayne is damaged goods. Also the sky is blue, and oxygen is important for humans. I can state obvious facts like a boss.

  2. yue

    Meh, I see my mom everyday, my older brother is a jackass and I only know two siblings of my mother, out of 11. So I honestly don’t care much for “getting together” during holidays, it’s more of a hassle than anything, especially since we have nothing in common, which result in a lot of awkward silence for not knowing what to say.

  3. Murasume

    His cousins all look very similar to each other~
    wait…..they must be clooooonneesss~!

    • Marnath

      Doesn’t he just have the one cousin? Lars? The one he keeps inadvertently helping through his abuse(outing him as a joke, making that bet that got him to lose weight?)

    • eddddd the mad genius
      eddddd the mad genius

      yeah im pretty sure its just the one cousin

      also when did he get him to lose weight? id like to see that comic

    • Grumpy

      Could Wayne’s entire family be one of Frank’s twisted experiments?

  4. MaryFilipina

    Well maybe Wayne avoiding his family is a good thing. He may have been cloned too many times already and outlived all his known relatives.

    • Chris2315

      I think there might be a flaw in your logic, since one of his known relatives is standing right next to him.

      • MaryFilipina

        Oooh I am lawyered. Then Wayne’s family probably never knew the difference.

  5. Bill Murphy

    Wayne’s hand gesture in the last panel is great! :D

  6. FuzzyPuff

    “You” have a family? o_O
    That’s shocking…

    I’m so with Wayne for this one. Go home only to get dragged into the bullshit alcoholism of the “other family” that isn’t mine =_= it’s such shyte! Just gimme my food tokens and leave me to sleep

  7. F M
    F M

    Aww, Lars is adorable! He should have his own spin-off comic.

  8. Sakugen

    Is it just me or is Lars getting less fat?

  9. Nephandai

    i just realized who Frank reminds me of! Octus from Sym bionic Titan!

    • Dr.Who

      So that’s why I have this dejavu feeling when ever I see frank.

  10. Uncommon

    I am somewhere between slightly to absolutely sure that Wayne’s family tree has some sort of genetic anomaly that allows them to have more than one facial expression.

    Like being double jointed, but with your face.

  11. Zeno

    That’s what I was thinking!

  12. Brandon

    Lol, damn all that togetherness.

  13. Lennier

    Death rates of everything except ‘natural causes’ rises during the Christmas/NY period. Wayne might be just playing it safe.