228 – Trust

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  1. David

    I see that as a pretty good sign. Frank didn’t retreat behind the reinforced bunker, after all…

  2. Psychotic_Serpent

    At this point, who wouldn’t trust Frank? Well, everyone.

    • Snake Man448
      Snake Man448

      I have an alternative alias of PsychoticSnake on youtube, so I’m a little weirded out right now.

      • PsychoticViper

        Oh really?

        • Jak94c

          If you made this after as the joke then you are hilarious.

          If you didn’t then Mind=Blown O_O

  3. Pony H.
    Pony H.

    I’m really worried Frank might interpret the results wrong. He should do a controll where Guy asks to press the button.

  4. █████

    Now THAT is how you do a trust experiment:
    - Tell them it’s an experiment in human trust.
    - Introduce doubt.
    - ???
    - Mop up the remains.
    - Deny all involvement.

    • MrJsNuisance

      - Profit

      • █████

        Oh that’s right.
        Thank you.

        - Sell tickets beforehand.

  5. random

    maybe its more of franks paranoid experiments!

  6. Bill Murphy

    This is better than falling backwards blindfolded to see if Guy catches you.

  7. Sigs

    Can’t be all that bad if Frank only backed up that much.

  8. LauW

    Damn i love all yours characters so much >.<

  9. Graham

    What’s that red line in panel 3?

    • Jak94c

      I would imagine it’s a hanging wire of some sort.

  10. Jason

    You mean in the top left? Just a wire.

    …You know,maybe…

  11. Grumpy

    It reminds me of the old ‘pull my finger’ gag.

  12. picard2bridge

    Never trust a man with cargo pants!

  13. Kyronic

    I finally caught up on this comic.
    I need to try this trust experiment on someone…

  14. GFawkes

    “My therapist keeps telling me that I would be a much happier person if I were to start to trust in people. I think that sounds very reasonable and if I trusted him I might’ve been inclined to take his advice.”

    For some reason I want this on a plauge or a bumper sticker somewhere… Its just worded so perfectly in that truthful type of way.

    • GFawkes

      I spelled Plaque wrong.

  15. Lennier

    Frank’s still working on that Paranoia experiment, I see.