229 – Inspired

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  1. Subspace Suitcase
    Subspace Suitcase

    I am so envious of artists with perspective skills.

    • Sandra

      I’m a terrible artist… but basic perspective is one of the things that’s most possible to improve. Get a good book, like one from David Chelsea.
      Or just take the shortcut many artists do—build models.

  2. random

    3 strips without Guy in them now D: hope she is in the next one.

    • Eddddd the mad genius
      Eddddd the mad genius

      im honestly a little nervous to find out what shes been up to during these strips…

  3. Sabreur

    The universe gives me LOTS of ideas! They all involve fire, for some reason.

    • Stranger

      Because cooking is delicious!

  4. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    You used to work as a writer for Star Trek TNG, didn’t you?

  5. David

    Well, at least it didn’t use lightning to spark the creative process.

  6. Bill Murphy

    Those facial expressions cracked me up.
    Well done!

  7. O8h7w

    So the Twogag Facebook Page should have 7 billion likes at December 21. :D

  8. Queenie Capria
    Queenie Capria

    Panel nr.1: me trying to write my final project for art class

  9. MangaEngel

    Well, if terrible ideas are harder to get then genius ones then he totally got what he wanted :3

    • Grumpy

      Terrible ideas are easy to get. I get ‘em all the time.

      • MangaEngel

        Then maybe you’re a genius then?

  10. Kyronic

    I think it would be cool if once in a while there was a short story arc, even if nothing before or after it were exactly canon.

    • Kyronic

      And I’m really enjoying the comic, by the way. This one is one of my favorites.

      • Eddddd the mad genius
        Eddddd the mad genius

        1000000% behind short storyline idea.

        • Jenthura

          I think the fact that Twogag doesn’t do story arcs is what makes it what it is. Although I’d love to see it, I wonder what effect it would have on all strips after it.

          • Kyronic

            I don’t really think it needs to be canon (not a lot has so far), but it would be nice to see.
            Then it could go back to the throw-away jokes that we’re all used to.

    • Sandra

      Lars has evolved a bit, hasn’t he?

      • Kyronic

        Yeah, I like that he seems to be developing more and more in the comic. The looks of Guy, Wayne, and Frank have also changed over the course of the comic.
        One obvious thing is that Guy’s hair has grown out, which is explained in a strip where she changes barbers; that seems to be canon.