230 – The Message

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  1. Kyronic

    I’d definitely tell my [future] wife to check out this webcomic if I was dying.

  2. washu

    I almost expect guy or frank to be somewhere near bye disposing of a knife.

    • washu

      dang it! not first. and with no way to edit comments i just feel embarrassed.

      • Kyronic

        Now I feel bad for stealing your thunder. If I could, I would give up my first place comment so that you could bask in all its glory.
        If only I had my time machine…
        Maybe I could borrow Frank’s.

        • washu

          awww… that would be so kind of you. but i can live on.

          • Random Guy
            Random Guy

            Haha NOT FIRST!

          • Kyronic

            I see. You truly are a soldier, and I salute you for your bravery.

    • Ourorboros

      Frank always gets away clean. A simple stabbing is beneath him anyways.
      Much is suspected of Frank, none can be proven.

  3. David

    Oh Wayne…

    Captain Obvious has a new nemesis: Doctor Blind-to-the-Obvious.

    • TFBW

      That’s “Dr Oblivious” to you.

      • Grumpy

        I’m sorry. Did someone say something?

      • David

        He changed his name? Whoa, shows how much attention I pay to things…

  4. Kyronic

    When I first saw that guy, I thought he was one of Guy’s ex-boyfriends.

  5. Derrath

    If I die…. tell my wife….. I loved you……

    • wilder125

      If I die, before I wake. Feed Jake. He’s been a good dog. (random song that comes on the radio sometimes)

      • Kyronic

        I thought you were parodying that one prayer, but I guess the song was. I still found it funny, nonetheless.

  6. RBZ

    “Oh, all right. You’re an ambulance. Now, stop bleeding and laugh!”

  7. Murasume

    I’m surprised he doesn’t ask where she is~
    then again I don’t know if he’s one of his friends~
    or a random stranger that got stabbed~
    For all know is that Wayne was the one that stabbed him~

  8. danelsan

    Somehow, I get the feeling he was lucky – Guy can be bad enough to not consider getting stabbed as an excuse to burden her and Frank would probably seize the opportunity to acquire new “raw materials”…

  9. Aiarashi

    How come Wayne was the only other person there? o.o

    Come on Wayne, just lend him your phone so he can call her. Oh, but call an ambulance first.

  10. Jim North

    Jeez, random person, you can’t expect Wayne to remember every single person he’s stabbed, even if it was only a few seconds ago.

    • Aiarashi

      Why would the guy ask the request of his own stabber, Mr. North?

  11. BMunro

    I think the guy would mention it if it were Wayne himself who stabbed him. We don’t usually trust our murderers to pass on messages.

    That being said, my respect for Wayne has grown a little: with both of his friends, the reaction to “But I’ve…I’ve been stabbed!” would be “so, what’s your point?” at the very best.

    • Lynn

      If anything could be considered “cannon” in this comic, I would suspect that Wayne isn’t aware of any true cruelty or murder due to the fact that he’s always being killed and replaced himself.

  12. Bill Murphy

    Truth be known, I’d probably forget to tell her by the time I got home. :P

    • Saeed

      Not if you were sleeping with his wife.

  13. FuzzyPuff

    Yay! :D You’re getting back your thunder! This one actually made my day :)
    Been quite some time since these were funny

  14. Sandra

    The interesting Guy-less streak continues!
    There’s usually a few people on every strip saying “I don’t get it” and for the first time, I don’t. The question I have: Is the money issue related to the stab would?
    and is he dying?

    • Ourorboros

      The joke is about how oblivious Wayne is.

      First Wayne looks like a jerk for the way he said no. It was a strange request, but still.
      Then the reveal shows what Wayne should have noticed all along, and the dying message is totally reasonable in that context.

      It flips expectations – Wayne being a jerk (perhaps too much time around Guy and Frank) and the possibility of consequences in panel 3 to Wayne having blinders on.

  15. wr4ith0

    I have respect for wayne… whatever is wrong with his brain (perhaps degraded cloning stock?) has somehow allowed him to keep some of his humanity.