232 – Offends

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  1. DCHorror

    Wayne, no. Bad. Don’t take advice from Guy.

  2. Bill Murphy

    Oh there Guy goes again, picking on the heterosexuals… :P

  3. baloneyjustice

    I have no idea why im so angry right now… but on the bright side thats normal.

  4. MaryFilipina

    He’s been cloned over and over. I guess he’s raceless now right? IT’S ALL ABOUT SKIN COLOR ISN’T IT? Well Wayne you go get a tan like Guy right now!

    • das-g

      How does repeated cloning make raceless?

  5. Kyronic

    Wayne being offended offends me. But then I’m a white heterosexual male, so I guess that makes me hateful… or something.

    • Marlin

      Its funny that your picture is of Guy.

      • Kyronic

        It would’ve been funnier if I said female too. The picture was automatically assigned to me, but I’d say I’m a mix of Wayne and Frank in real life. Mostly Wayne.

  6. Sigs

    Guy is pushing Wayne towards the Dark Side.

    • Grumpy

      Um, don’t you mean the darker side?

      • Sigs

        Good point.

  7. MockingOfTheBirds

    Love how she puts quotations around the word “heterosexual.”

    • Axel

      Ditto, it’s the quotes that really sold this comic for me.

  8. patrick

    She is changing him! Secretly training him to be more like her!! She is pushing him to be more like acceptable by her standards. I think I have started to figure out what is really going on..

    • Yoshord

      But then combine that with … That must mean that the clones are Frank’s way of distracting Guy from greater mayhem, at least until she realizes that the training progress isn’t just slow but being reset occasionally.

  9. Marscaleb

    Yes, Manliness explained:
    1) Person declares something to be a trait of manliness.
    2) Men quickly adapt trait into their lives.

  10. Risu

    I absolutely love the “heterosexual” part hahaha! Poor Wayne

  11. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Wayne is really a ‘nolosexual’… ‘sinesexual’… wait I’ve got it! He’s a ‘manusexual’!

  12. Eisbaer

    Hmm… a number of the comments seem to have concluded that Guy means for Wayne to be hateful instead of offended, thereby giving bad advice, turning Wayne into a bad person, etc.

    My understanding of the comic was that white, heterosexual males “aren’t allowed” to be offended. People of other race can be discriminated against, women and gays, too. But people like Wayne can’t be offended that his traits are being attacked… because apparently it’s not possible, or nobody cares, or something like that.

    • Lennier

      White Hetrosexual Males. Only holding most of the power since about the 1970′s.

      • Sandra

        I think Wayne has a good point in the first panel & I think the rest of the comic is just for laughs. But I don’t know for sure of course.

  13. thequyman


    • Kyronic

      More like 19th.

  14. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I am in the clear on this too being a bisexual white male. If that’s the stereotype for those who like the opposite sex I am offended ;)

  15. william13ai

    I gotta say, no matter how much of a horrible person Guy is… I respect her
    I act like an ass to my best friends and everyone else, she takes it to the next level on that matter.
    besides, who doesn’t love a redhead with green eyes?

  16. Aiarashi

    Say, is that a real commercial he’s talking about? If so, which one is it? o.o

    • Lennier

      All of them, I think.

  17. Lennier

    Dat arse.

  18. Derek

    Love that last panel. He’s on the right track again being “hateful” with the black news anchor on tv. KKK it up, Wayne… it’s the way other races view white heterosexual males, anyway.