233 – Looks Like Trouble

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  1. Vincent

    That…looks like a jacuzzi…I foresee accidents.

    • Vincent

      HOT accidents.

    • Kyronic

      Accidents possibly involving Wayne.

      • Grumpy

        Accidents? That implies a lack of intent. Not sure that would apply when these two are involved.

        • Luckeux

          Fair point.

  2. Gabe
  3. Chirigami

    My dear author, the Twogag Facebook page will always keep your hands warm because all the marvelous typing and clicking will keep them warm!

  4. MaryFilipina

    I guess it’s better than a hot tub time machine…oh wait…NO IT ISN’T!

  5. ManWithNoName

    Wait, Frank’s perfected nuclear [i]fusion[/i], and he uses it for getting rid of garbage?

    • ManWithNoName

      Hmm… it seems that tags don’t work for this, please read fusion as italicized.

      • David

        It does work for HTML tags. The <I> tag…

        • VileTerror

          I suddenly have a new respect for this Gravatar commenting code. It’s been for entirely too long that people have come to expect those damnable square brackets!

          I’m not insane. SHADDUP!

  6. MangaEngel

    It’s rare for Frank showing Guy and not Wayne his little experiments…
    But then again…
    He’s not trying to test it on her. Wayne would have probably be in there while Frank tells him what it is…

    • Psychotic_Serpent

      Well, Wayne was…

    • Ourorboros

      “could incinerate a human body in seconds”
      Wayne was the test dummy again.

      • Calvin

        “…could incinerate a fully grown human in a millisecond”
        Improper quotations rub me the wrong way.

  7. David

    So that’s how Frank deals with failed Wayne clones…

  8. Matt

    Wayne already used it.
    There’s a reason he didn’t show up in this strip.

  9. Velte

    I really like that Frank’s first instinct, when asked to describe the power of a machine built to eliminate “undesired waste,” is to describe how quickly it can incinerate a human body.

  10. Cale Baird
    Cale Baird

    I love Guy’s expression in the first panel. LOL

  11. Marscaleb

    Well, it would solve the problem of annoying neighbors who sneak into your hot tub while you are away.

  12. Chase

    I guess Frank uses that to get rid of failed Wayne clones.

    • Chase

      Ah, some one said it already.

  13. Bill Murphy

    Yeah, like Frank would add a warning label. :P

    • Grumpy

      Sure he would. “Warning! Use caution!” I am not so sure he would include any hint of what the possible hazards would be. He’d figure it would be obvious to anyone with half a brain. And probably wouldn’t care about anyone who couldn’t figure it out.

      • David

        Most people know to use caution around any of Frank’s inventions (the smarter ones know the meaning of such phrases as “blast radius” and “biological hazard” as well). The stupid ones… well, that’s what Frank has the “hot tub” for.

  14. Saeed

    My neighbors could use this.

  15. RazorD9

    Talk about a hot tub.

    Guy has a point. Maybe it should be bigger, deeper and with a diving board on the side.

  16. FPS

    The warning label will be
    the label that stands on anything:
    Enter at your own risk

  17. Paul

    Since when is Guy worried about other people’s well being?

    • Grumpy

      You are assuming that she was going to recommend the warning label. She may have only been going to suggest a color scheme.

  18. LockeZ

    Sometimes I wish this comic’s throwaway gags were in fact entire storylines. This is one of those times.

  19. Frank

    * face palm* dammit Frank even when it could be used for good your showing it to someone evil