235 – Streamlined Shopping

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  1. zeneger01

    Ain’t that just sweet?:D

  2. Adren

    Christmas without Presents is so much more fun.

  3. Bob

    Another way is just give people the cash and say “Go buy what you want for this much” then they can get what they want and if they hate it, its their fault

    • Jenthura

      “A gift is something you can point at and say, ‘Hey, man, I love you that many dollars worth’.” – Michael Scott

    • Kyronic

      I learned that from Seinfeld. Apparently, some people prefer to be handed the gift instead of money for the gift.

  4. Bill Murphy

    That is an awesome idea! :D

  5. Umbri

    Unless all they want for Christmas is a surprise.

  6. cargen

    The surprise this year is they get what they actually wanted for a change with less hassle. Novel idea eh?

  7. Ourorboros

    This is the nicest thing she’s done for him.

  8. Grumpy

    I was thinking that Wayne should tell her that after doing the math she still owes him fifty bucks. The I wondered if Frank had another clone ready.

  9. Pizza Dude
    Pizza Dude

    Is it just me, or does Guy’s hair have a halo in it?

    • Lennier

      They all do. It’s meant to be shiny hair.

  10. nobody

    i like to give my siblings gift cards for stores they dont like. that way they remember they only get a gift cause i have to.

  11. Rekkou

    It seems like Wayne still paid his own gift, is that the joke here? i’m kinda confused..

    • █████

      It’d seem Guy has a system whereby you subtract the cost of the gift you purchase for yourself from the gift you purchase for Guy.
      So if your gift costs $100.
      Then if what you were going to purchase for Guy costs more than that you instead purchase something that is $100 less than your intended gift to Guy.

      If what you were planning to purchase for Guy is worth less than what you bought for yourself, then it’s your own damn fault for being so greedy.

      • █████

        It seems I left my grammar somewhere else.
        Please let me know if you find it.

        • SushiGummy

          It’s right over here. You left it in the washer.

  12. MangaEngel

    Wow, one could think that she actually kind of likes him ôo
    She didn’t even say anything mean.
    As in Guy-to-Wayne-mean.

  13. Murasume

    I like the way Guy is thinking~
    that way i don’t have to buy her anything too expensive~
    and have the hassle of choosing the gift~
    it’ll be cheap and easy~

  14. meowantor

    so guy doesn’t buy anything… and wayne has to buy both gifts …..XD

  15. adam ct
    adam ct

    my sister is doing that right now, she told me to pick out an andriod phone covered by my carrier. when i asked why she said none of your business

  16. Spook

    Is it just me, or is there a twisted bit of Guy wickedness at the end? Wayne is choosing his own gift, which is expensive. Guy tells him to subtract the cost from what he’s getting her. But by her own system, she’s already chosen and bought what she wants, which is evidently far more expensive than Wayne’s. Wayne will pay for Guy’s extravagant gift to herself, taking off a bit of money for his own gift to himself. Guy “wins”.

  17. xaviara

    i like that she made him pay for his own christmas gift. lol