236 – Prescription

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  1. Derrath

    Oh my god YES!

  2. Oompa loompa
    Oompa loompa


  3. hapten

    I thought her conscience would have killed itself by now what a troper

  4. Jnite

    That was a good one.

  5. BMunro

    Ha! Of course, to her, sensible and sane advice is something to worry about!

    Reminds me of this:


  6. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    I think the fact that Guy’s voices are telling her not to murder and do harm are what makes Guy so scary. And as far as we know, she only has demons to talk to. Is it possible she is so evil even her devils are trying to make her do good?

    • Jason

      Maybe it’s just that,if she didn’t murder that one guy,that one guy would do something that allowed her to do even MORE evil in the future.

    • Yoshord

      The demons must be masters of reverse psycology…

  7. Laur

    Ahh omg, this one made me laugh. Fucking love Guy.

  8. b

    she’s got abnormally large breasts this time. not good.

    • Dancer

      you have strange ideas about whats “good”

    • Sandra

      She’s leaning slightly forward. Nothing weird about it.

  9. Lorialet


  10. Ourorboros

    Did, . . . , did Frank just do something responsible, ethical, and for the common good?
    I just don’t know what to believe in anymore.

    • Fayt

      That’s not Frank. That’s a normal psychiatrist.

      • OrlahEhontas

        Define “Normal”.

        Go on, I dares ya’.

        Now if you had said a ‘regular’….

        • Random Guy
          Random Guy

          “Within the generally accepted boundaries, of the idealized set of behaviors of a random group of people, that are locked in a sealed self-sustaining vault, with no contact to the outside world.”

      • Ourorboros

        Oops, I was in a rush when I read this.
        Now the question is why she didn’t go to Frank, who would have no conscience in prescribing anything?

        • █████

          Let’s be clear here.
          Would you be willing to take ingest something that Frank gave you, based only on his word that it is what you asked for?

          • Ourorboros

            Frank never lies, he tells very narrow truths.

            That’s one thing some of the guest comics got wrong.

            You would have to be exhaustive in defining what negative side effects when asking and realize that he may see it as a Primary or Tertiary effect, but he never lies.

      • Me

        I think he means that Frank put the voices there.

  11. RazorD9

    Pills are over rated anyhow.

  12. Murasume

    didnt kno guy had a conscience~
    guess i was wrong about that~
    but then again, wats controlling her to do evil things~?

    • Ourorboros

      About a dozen demons, from a previous strip.

  13. william13ai

    ha, nice

  14. Bliss

    The only good time person has voices in their head LOLOLOL

  15. MrBluewoods

    Interesting. In her normal state of mind, she’s a psychopath. In her psychotic state of mind, she’s conscientious. That’s got to be a new special kind of crazy.

  16. Bill Murphy

    I get along with all my internal voices. I just wish all the external ones would take a break sometime.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy


  17. Amelia Lockhart
    Amelia Lockhart

    This is literally my favorite strip of this comic.

  18. Elena

    I love how in the last panel she’s already taking the prescription slightly away from the psychiatrist.

  19. Grumpy

    Does Guy have any siblings? Of course I mean any that survived.

  20. MusicNarcoman

    He almost cured the wrong thing!

  21. WellThen

    How coincidental, a time in my life I had voices just like that…. but O-O in reverse! Oh, oh this is getting all creepy right about now!