237 – Run

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  1. Derrath

    I love Guy’s expression in the last panel, she’s all “What? Did you seriously?-ah, wtf gimme a beer, you idiot”

    • Therix

      To me Guy looks like she’s thinking “that’s what I thought. You gonna say no again, boi?”

    • Bücherdrache

      Her face says clearly:
      Just shit in the TV

      • Grumpy

        I think Bücherdrache is closest. I got the impression that the beer was a forgone conclusion and her show, however trivial, is much more important than Wayne.

  2. Murasume

    I feel like Guy has mind control powers over wayne~
    prolly part of Franks experiments he’s always doing~
    Unfortunately, I actually don’t watch TV~
    I just watch videos, or DVD’s or watever~
    the only commercials i normally see is when Super bowl is up~

  3. faustus

    do she usa a borrito to switch channels?

    • Dude who is just wrong
      Dude who is just wrong

      maybe its a burrito with a touch pad… lol

  4. Jim North

    Is dat sum Rolling Rock?

  5. Bill Murphy

    Every day I like Wayne a little bit more. :)

  6. Jason

    …You’re right,I DID regret clicking the link.

  7. Grumpy

    Beer runs don’t cause shin splints or heel spurs.

  8. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    WARNING: The link leads to a video of Two Girls, One Cup and it auto emails to your entire contacts list.

    • Grumpy

      Both of them?

      • Xadrea

        Nope it’s for FB lol

        • Random Guy
          Random Guy


        • Grumpy

          Ah well. I’m not gonna explain it. ;)

  9. Doyle

    lol, if im right that is the most subtle joke yet. he is very impressionable so she mentioned the beer run to get him to buy some booze.