239 – Gift Exchange

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  1. Japa

    I wish somebody would give me socks for christmas. :(

    • Mr. Beast
      Mr. Beast

      Gift yourself some socks!

    • Ourorboros

      Give them a copy of “How to Give Socks as Gifts” for Christmas.

      • Fayt

        …For Dummies

    • afuller

      I know it’s strange, but wool socks are all my uncle wants for christmas…. every christmas.

  2. Derrath

    Okay, I found this sweet, in the sense that they didn’t get completely awful gifts for each other….

  3. Chuck Chuckerson

    Love the antlers.

  4. Loki

    Don’t socks usually go in pair’s not packs?

    • saph

      A lot of companies sell socks in packs of pairs.

    • Nicole

      Socks definitely come in packs (which have pairs within them). Yesterday my Gran bought 6 packs of socks for Christmas, which came out to be 56 pairs!

      • TobiasW

        So… each pack had 9 1/3 pair inside?

        • Pichan

          …or some of the packs just were different.

    • Ourorboros

      Athletic and casual wear socks (for men) often come in packs of pairs.

  5. Sandra

    I love Guy’s line in the last panel! she went the extra mile

  6. Grumpy

    When my wife and I had been together for about eight months we encountered our first Christmas together. I bought her a nice little cocktail ring. Three rubies and a couple little diamond chips. She still wears it as often as she can. She got me longjohns and socks. Good thing she’s cute.

  7. Jeremy Kuehnau
    Jeremy Kuehnau

    I actually don’t mind clothes for Xmas since I rarely actually buy clothes myself.

  8. william13ai

    I gotta say, I had one pair of socks that felt absolutely wonderful, so socks aren’t always bad… but her gift might be helpful too

  9. █████

    Is…is that an actual book?

    Because that would be amazing.

    • Un ignorant
      Un ignorant

      You know, Google is your friend… But sorry, I don’t think so. Wanna write it?

      • █████

        Out of curiousity, did you mean for that comment to sound as offensive as it did?

  10. Bill Murphy

    If that is a real book I’ll buy several copies.

  11. schalternate

    I’m gonna get me one of those to give it to my parents. |=1

  12. WitUnderPressure

    signed, dummy

  13. Kero the Rogue aka Zetsumeimaru

    I like guy, she’s a near perfect girl.

  14. Ama

    There is a similar book, “Christmas Gifts that Don’t Suck: A Shoppers guide on choosing Gifts that Everyone will Love.” You can buy it on Amazon, but then, what can’t you buy on Amazon?

    • Kero the Rogue aka Zetsumeimaru

      I can think of some things…

      • WitUnderPressure

        it’s ironic that your icon is frank when you say that.