242 – Going Green

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  1. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    What color were they going to use to cause all that carnage? Neon Pink?

    • End of Ways
      End of Ways

      Also, First! Wow! First time this has ever happened, or will ever happen.
      I wonder what backlash this will cause…

      • Kyronic

        Use this power and knowledge responsibly, for it can cause quite a toll on the person you are now and the person you will be. I learned the hard way.

      • Sabreur

        You would not BELIEVE how many iterations we had to go through before figuring out that letting you get the first post was the key to victory against the alien menace of 2138.

        • Kyronic

          A wise decision indeed. Hopefully, the first poster will use this power wisely to defeat the invaders in the future.

          • Fayt

            I don’t know, the simulation I ran said that if he forgot to post just the word First then the mood would be destroyed in 2112 and the world would be destroyed beneath the waves.

          • Kyronic

            It’s a good thing he remembered to say first then.

          • Fayt

            But he remembered late. Who KNOWS the dramatic influence on the course of the future that will have.

          • Kyronic

            In that case, we will need a new warrior to save the future.

    • saph

      “Agent” orange.

  2. Chuck Chuckerson

    I’m surprised Frank doesn’t want that outcome.

    • FWTrump

      Well you can destroy the world, or you can scientifically disassemble world and its occupants, but not both.

    • Ourorboros

      If Frank wanted to wipe out cities, it would happen.
      The first field test of one of his experiments destroyed 2/3 of the world’s population. Then he got ready for the next test.

      Here’s the thing with Frank. He is indifferent to death as a side effect, but it normally isn’t his outright goal, outside of serial killing.

  3. Paul

    Wait, what are they painting that would cause this outcome? O.o

    • Taurin

      It’s best that you don’t know.

      • Grumpy

        This question is like the old “Do not push the button” gag. You really wanna know what will happen when you push it but the only way to find out is to push it. But if you push it it’s suddenly too late to un-push it. But if you don’t push it you’ll never know.


    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Yard sale sign for Frank’s house.

  4. Twilight

    I just know there a mass effect joke i could made with this…. but for the life of me I can not find it!

  5. Somebody that you used to know
    Somebody that you used to know

    I think the joke is is that he asked what happens if we don’t go green and the computer showed him thinking he meant if we don’t save thee world instead or paint.

    • Tanith

      You just made this comic make so much more sense. I thank you.

  6. william13ai

    painting it green pisses guy off less, so she doesn’t destroy all of the world… just most of it.

  7. Kyronic

    So this is why green is the primary color for this site and Wayne’s clothing….

  8. adam ct
    adam ct

    could be… its the paint for the next war machine, if he paints it red it will be too obvious and warrant a preemptive strike, green is a little less suspect.

  9. David

    Frank doesn’t want that sort of body count. That would be wasting fuel.

  10. MaryFilipina

    I actually agree with this. Imagine how history would have changed if certain past totalitarian government uniforms were baby pink.

  11. Pirate Tom
    Pirate Tom

    But I LIKE fedoras

  12. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    All that carnage just from a yard sale sign directing people to Frank’s house.

  13. Bill Murphy

    Thank god they didn’t go blue!

  14. Lennier

    A whole city destroyed, and only 70k casualties? Frank is slipping.

    • Synth

      the rest ceased to exist initially so they don’t count

  15. Don't hug me, I'm scared.
    Don't hug me, I'm scared.

    The reason green has a lower body count is that green is not a creative color. Search my name for details.