243 – Resolution

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  1. erdbeere

    real smooth, Frank, real smooth…

  2. Kyronic

    Wayne has a secret stash of pencils for when he needs that extra “hit.” Guy and Frank don’t take his addiction seriously, but they’ve yet to see Wayne high on pencil tops.

  3. Bill Murphy

    Ah… So Frank’s weakness is revieled…

  4. Seth

    I’ve been thinking about this one for a few minutes, and I still don’t get the punchline.

    • Cavemaneca

      Maybe something along the lines of new year’s resolutions being what people want to improve about themselves during the next year.

      If Wayne knows of something Frank needs to improve, he’d like to hear what it is.

      • Koios

        I don’t think that’s the intention. Frank seems to be pulling a gun out…

        • blargrah

          That looks more like a hamster than a gun…

  5. JacksonB

    I feel really bad about this, but could someone please explain the punchline? is Frank suggesting that there was gonna be a 2013 or what?

    • Ourorboros

      In the last panel, when saying “why, what have you heard?”, Frank is pulling a gun out of his jacket.
      Frank tends to do this to eliminate problems. (Joke 1)
      It suggests that Frank does really have resolutions of a type he wants to keep secret (joke 2, since resolutions are about self improvement and not crimes against nature/humanity/laws of reality)

      • Xadrea

        Frank’s pulling a gun out of his shirt there, he’s planning to “end it all” if you catch my drift lol

  6. Dan

    I’m betting Frank’s Resolution has something to do with experiments on people.

  7. washu

    if you’re having trouble getting the punchline, check out the gun in Franks hand in the last panel.

  8. T-FighterX9

    There’s his resolution: See how long he can wait without murdering Guy or Wayne.


    I like Frank.

    • random

      dont we all?

  10. william13ai

    his resolution was to get rid of him… he decided to do it a day early.

  11. Asmodeus

    “What exactly have you heard about a cloning facility?”

  12. Poi

    Franks resolution is to attempt to make a wayne clone that can actually publish a book, work out, and stop being addicted to pencil tops, despite wayne clones destructive personality…also…what did frank do to his pencil tops that made them so addictive…and to what purpose? Or did guy put nicotine on all waynes erasers….

    • william13ai

      I like that theory

  13. SushiGummy

    Huh, I seem to have taken a completely different punchline out of this comic.

    I saw it as Frank planning some sort of cataclysmic event sometime during 2013. When Wayne asked about resolutions, to Frank, it was almost as if he was asking what he was planning on resolving with the time he had left in the world.

    Either that or he took it literally as a New Years Resolution. Like, what he’s going to do about the year itself.

    … But yeah, I think I’m on the wrong track. I’m just going to go with Ourorboros’ idea.

  14. Brad

    Huh, so Frank is a lefty? How odd. He is so left-brained I would never would have thought that possible.

  15. jaboola

    Don’t know if you’re aware, but HDHumor posted your comic (http://www.hdhumor.com/2012/11/sketched-comic.html#comment-form) without your name or site link.
    Apparently they did this to dresdencodak as well.

    On a more cheerful note, I really enjoy your work!

  16. Whitebeard

    Having resolutions for the new year implies that one did something wrong previously. Wayne is suggesting that Frank has done something wrong, so Frank is preparing to silence him depending on what dirt Wayne has on Frank.

  17. WitUnderPressure

    looks like it’s time for a new clone…