245 – Old Friend

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  1. BMunro

    Of course, Frank’s definition of “a good kid” probably differs from that of most of humanity.

  2. Grumpy

    So, is Jason looking for revenge, or payment?

  3. oomu

    or maybe he is really a good kid and he was framed for all the murders by Frank.

    • liberty

      And there-in lies the joke.

      • Ourorboros

        Given in the last panel, in fact.

        Odd for Frank to fail to head off a potential problem by not killing it. Odder still for him to say somebody is a good kid – must be why Jason still lives.

        • gangler

          I think this is the first time we’ve seen Frank interest in somebody’s wellbeing. For a man with so few people he cares about I can’t imagine he’d be chomping at the bit to end one of them without reason to.

          That’s not to say I think he wouldn’t kill Jason if he saw any need to do so, but probably not gonna just kill the guy for convenience sake.

  4. =P

    of course he framed all his crimes to the poor kid…… for sience!

  5. adam ct
    adam ct

    i bet jason looks a lot like wayne.

  6. jacklebott

    Jason “The Body Snatcher”…. Catchy


    Frank must have many enemies…

    • Grumpy

      More like many Jasons.

  8. MaryFilipina

    And that my little ponies, is why Friendship is Magic.

    • Hi I'm Guy
      Hi I'm Guy

      Love that. It’s cute, a good reference, funny, and relevant.

  9. nan

    I guess Frank was the one that was in the asylum. When Jason went to visit him, Frank manage to swap them and let Jason in his place. Old ex-friends.

    • Hi I'm Guy
      Hi I'm Guy

      That is something that my friends would do. Is that bad?

  10. Bill Murphy

    I love Guy’s “Put Upon” expression she always has. :D

  11. Neospector

    Frank didn’t actually commit the crime, he just likes framing people for crimes they didn’t commit.

  12. TPman

    This is the first time Frank’s ever been (very close to) directly implicated in something murderous isn’t it? It’s usually been much more subtle.

    • Kyronic

      There have been a few less subtle ones before.

  13. WitUnderPressure

    bring out the Wayne army!

    • Kyronic

      That would be awesome, but I think an entire army of Waynes is more trouble than it’s worth.

  14. Brad

    Hey I love this comic, but…

    is there a problem with the scale? I mean, Frank is sitting right next to Guy, yet she is enormous compared to Frank. She could crush him like a bug. What gives?

    • cancel reply
      cancel reply

      huh, you’re right. Guy does appear slightly larger than Frank when it should be the other way around. Cut and Paste, maybe?

    • MTGradwell

      Guy is very clearly sitting at the table, as evidenced by her elbow resting on it, and the newspaper she is reading. But Frank? He could be standing some distance from the table, so that perspective effects would explain the apparent size difference. We’ll have to wait for him to take a swig from his mug to find out.

  15. Marscaleb

    Awesome. :D This was your funniest page since… umm, a couple months I guess.