256 – The Plan

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  1. Bill Murphy

    Jury Duty is worse than getting your Driver’s License renewed.

  2. william13ai

    Rules and laws are the same thing, suggestions.
    only thing is if you get caught not taking these suggestions you will be punished… be that punishment by being locked off of your account or by being beaten by cops and butt-fucked in jail

  3. FuzzyPuff

    You just know Guy is on Wayne’s jury, and loving every second of convicting him

    • william13ai

      nah, I can’t honestly see that… I think she wouldn’t be allowed to.

    • Connors

      Looks like she just came to watch.

  4. Exarion

    Damn too silly right now. Cpt. help pls?

  5. Ourorboros

    This is the author comment a couple strips ago with Franks Alibi Augmentation.

  6. Derrath

    Good thing Bipolar gets me out of it…

    • The_Cthulhu_Kid

      Not really, no. It’s a disorder and although you may be manic or depressed you still know the difference between right and wrong. You need to be nuts enough to get locked up for it to get out of a crime.

      • Duvi

        I thought that he meant jury duty.

        • The_Cthulhu_Kid

          Even at that, if you are taking your meds, they don’t give a crap. unfortunately.

  7. Spasemann

    oh that one is easy to get out of. just get a doctors appointment a days before the jury duty. tell the docker you are dying whit cancer. your Doctor will do a blood test, “this takes a few days” in those days you just tell the jury you are dying from cancer, and could drop dead any second. the jury cant confirm that its a hoax, so they must let you go ;) and when the blood results finally get to the jury or you. there is nothing they can do, there is no law against paranoia :P

    • DonPenguini

      One flaw with that theory. I’m terrified of needles.

  8. random

    hmm. can someone explain this to me? not sure i got the joke.

    • Ourorboros

      Wayne didn’t want to go to jury duty, but he has a scheme to get out of it.
      Panel 3 – Wayne is a defendant. Therefore, to get out of jury duty, Wayne committed a crime.
      It is redundant because either way he appears in court, using up his time. Wayne is also too stupid to see this ahead of time (“hindsight”), and that it is in fact worse for him since he has an arrest on his record.

      • random

        ah ok thanks, i thought that was it, but wasnt sure. these comics are almost always deep thinking jokes :p

  9. wr4ith0

    …hmm well the plan was apparently to commit a crime and be the one tried instead? That seems like a rather lame plan… but I’m still not sure why it would be redundant otherwise. So that must mean guy’s up next on the docket to be tried? She couldn’t be a juror for the same reason Wayne couldn’t be one for her. No competent lawyer from either side would let that slide. If that is the case it might have been easier to tell (and therefore funnier to those who aren’t getting it) if they’d been in either prison stripes or the modern orange jumpsuits (which is no longer worn during the trial itself, but still present during the pretrail… maybe too much info there)

    • Ourorboros

      Redundant because Wayne is in court anyways, his time used up. See, if Wayne went to jury duty, he would have had to report to the court house for a couple of days. Maybe longer if he was picked for a trial that went long.
      By committing a crime he has to go through the legal process and is forced to be in court. That is the redundancy. He got out of jury duty, but ends up in court anyways.

  10. horerczy

    Getting out of jury duty is easy. All you have to do is say something that will tell the court that you are incapable of making an unbiased decision.

    • william13ai

      Awful lot of honkies in here…

  11. █████

    “I’m proud to be here. It’s my civic duty.”
    “Insanity, good one.”

    • william13ai

      anyone who says that without being at least 70 probably is.

  12. RBZ

    All the seeds of this strip were there back in #253.

    Does that mean Wayne is some idealised form of Drunken Novice?

  13. Jake Terror

    shouldn’t Wayne be disqualified for being a convicted felon from 251?

    • RBZ

      Not if Guy eventually dropped those fraud charges.

  14. MaryFilipina

    I miss Frank.

  15. Therix

    I know it’s not a pun-related comment, but has anyone else noticed that if you’re back 20-30 issues, the [Latest] button doesn’t take you to the latest?

  16. Anno

    @ Therix , ya I noticed it.