257 – The Bad With The Good

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  1. soren121

    Why do I feel like the cause of this disease is living with Guy for years?

    • RazorD9

      That or Guy has been helping him this whole time without ever knowing it.

      • interpolation

        His body instinctually craves misery for his own wellbeing. God that completely explains his life.

        • Wizard

          He’s sort of like a diver who can’t come up too quickly without getting the bends. He’s been submerged in misery for so long, he has to ease into happiness.

    • nan

      Guy has a similar problem: she feels sick when she does something good to someone. Perfect match.

  2. Ourorboros

    Frank can write a patch for the next revision. The “restart” requires a hard reboot though – dying.

  3. Bill Murphy

    Is the treatment Electroshock therapy?
    Please let it be Electroshock therapy…

  4. Moonracer

    I’m really more concerned about those x-rays.

    • DCHorror

      Those aren’t x-rays. They’re MRIs. I think….

      You know, pictures of his brain.

  5. Jonny S
    Jonny S

    Twogag opened the month in spot 7 of Top Web Comics, congratulations on that. :) Such an awesome comic.

  6. Cashlin

    I have a similar problem, but with anger.

    Is being near Guy the cause, or a side effect?

  7. kb86

    best one in a while bud, well done

  8. MaryFilipina

    You know eventually one of those clones will evolve into some kind of self-hating ubermensch.

  9. MS

    i think the links on this page are broken. it says this is the last one and wont let me see the next :/