260 – Like A River

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  1. Seth

    Like a river, Guy does not know the difference between similes and metaphors. Unlike ‘a river’, there’s no ‘e’ in ‘aspiring’.

    • Doofus

      Well done, although the structure of your dis-simile (is that a thing?) is funny.

      It would work better like this: Unlike ‘a river’, ‘aspiring’ does not contain the letter ‘e’.

      • das-g

        After all, there’s no ‘a river’ in ‘aspiring’.

        • Random Guy
          Random Guy

          Yet, there is an “ass pyre”.

  2. Cale Baird
    Cale Baird

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! This is the hardest the comic’s ever made me laugh.

  3. Adren

    Rivers are like ideas man, flowing and flowing into an ocean of industrial waste.

  4. Bill Murphy

    Ha ha! I’m with Guy on that one. ;)

  5. Fnord

    So he changed his mind and puts some effort into writing. But I expect Guy will help him go back to video games soon.

  6. patrick

    I sense a little positive critisism from guy in this one.

  7. MaryFilipina

    Wayne is like a river because you never step on the same one twice, coz Wayne clones just keep on coming and going…like a river.

    • Chuck Chuckerson

      But people, I guess, can’t live like that. We all must pay a price. To be safe we lose our chance at ever knowing… what Frank is working on this week.

  8. Pooperz Mcgee
    Pooperz Mcgee

    Continuity?! Again?!! What sort of madness be this?!

  9. Ourorboros

    Wrong kind of dialogue for Manfred the Unicorn.

  10. DeadPirate

    Guy is like a river, she drowns people.

  11. Mark

    Guy, marry me!