264 – Monsters In The Mind

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  1. The Joules
    The Joules

    and one of these days people will figure out that michael bay doesn’t actually know movies and someday fox will stop screwing over joss whedon. in other words never gonna happen ;-)

    • Ourorboros

      The movie business has been down since the digital age, but summer blockbusters still make a lot of money. Bay makes summer blockbusters. In fact, his movies have grossed almost $2 billion. That is all the producers – the money people who decide what gets made and by whom – need to know.

      I’m not a fan of his, but it is the entertainment INDUSTRY. Not art projects.

      I am a fan of Whedon. The Avengers movie did very well and was everybody liked it, so I have hope for him. Money = influence.

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        I think Avengers sucked. Almost as exciting as setting a knitting circle on fire.

        • That Guy
          That Guy

          A knitting circle… on fire? Wow, that’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever heard about!

        • Ourorboros

          The Avengers – 92% @ Rotten Tomatoes, $1.5+ billion worldwide box office.

          That gross profit speaks louder than a few objections. The only individual opinions that count are the decision makers/money people. There are always going to be some people who don’t like anything. Businesses are out to make money, not art or to satisfy every last person.
          With a profit like that, Joss Whedon gets more freedom on his next projects.

          • Casey 1988
            Casey 1988

            I think that movies are not dead. The Hobbit Part 1 didn’t suck. They did add in a charater though. Some of the scenes did happen the way I had the image in my head. I don’t think they need to make 3 movies though they could get it done in 2.
            speaking of I do know someone who liked the latest Transformers only for the Camaro in it.

      • GodOfMetal

        Avengers? Bah.
        Whedon’s greatest work has always been Firefly, which is exactly where we get back to Fox screwing him over.

  2. Jenthura

    Credendo vides.

  3. L'autre personne
    L'autre personne


  4. Becky

    And for some reason, all I can think is, “Prisoner Zero has escaped.”…

    • wendigo


  5. Bill Murphy

    Welcome back! :D

  6. Resuna

    Time to pull another Wayne out of the old clone farm.

  7. Vincent

    And for some reason this made me think of The Colour out of Space.

  8. Stranger

    And now I feel like reading through the SCP archives again.

    • Beluga

      The SCP archives are the best.

  9. Beluga

    This is actually one of my favourite strips.

  10. Ourorboros

    Even Frank is surprised at how stupid a Wayne can be.

  11. Web

    Hmm…. I would loove to see Frank run a Call of Cthulhu Game. His visual aids would require SAN checks in real life

  12. Pooperz Mcgee
    Pooperz Mcgee

    Wow… this summed up my Friday night perfectly!

  13. Frank

    The Tulpa Effect…

  14. khamya9

    It’s tough to tell, but I think Frank is more surprised in the last panel that just intellectually curious. Though I am certain that there is an element of psychology research going on in that question.

  15. Guest

    This reminds me of that horror movie, the one with the ghost that only exists if you believe in it.
    Man wayne should not blindly believe in what people say.
    And should really keep his that thing locked in a room.

    • Psychotic_Serpent

      Nightmare on Elm Street is similar, Freddy only can exist if people believe in him and he gains power if people fear him.

  16. biggyj

    Noooooo just read from the beginning to this point.
    Love this comic.
    By the way what is the schedule for this

    • Ourorboros


      • biggyj


  17. Dan

    If you haven’t read the Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman, I recommend it. The entire planet has this issue. If people believe a vampire lives in an area, it will form and live there.

    • Ourorboros

      Do the monsters affect everybody, or just those who believe in it? Are they stronger in proportion to the amount of people who believe in them?
      Is this restricted to monsters only, or might the Swedish Bikini Team parachute down on those who drink bad beer?

  18. adam ct
    adam ct

    is wayne looking at a fetal stage of a clone of himself?

  19. Sandra

    Thanks for being back!

  20. doc

    Seems like the basic concept of religion to me.

    Frank’s right. Why would you do that to yourself?

  21. Pepperkat

    Hah hah. That’s an awesome Star Control II reference.

  22. WitUnderPressure

    one lesson about dealing with frank: don’t trust frank.

    i guess memory doesn’t transcend clones, ’cause after so many times, you’d think wayne would have gotten that by now.

  23. ScramblesTDethDealer

    In my head I always give Frank Newton’s voice from Sym Bionic Titan. Am I the only one?