265 – Broad Strokes

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  1. Nerg

    Bahahaha! God I love you…

    • Chris M
      Chris M

      I’m sorry, but quite frankly, I’m not quite ready for such a big step in our relationship.

      • Moe

        …It’s like I’m seeing a LSD induced epilepsy to the strip…

        • Moe


  2. Bob

    I like how Guy responds instantly to his statement.

    • Faux

      But… how can you tell she responded instantly? I mean, this is a comic, it could have taken her three days to respond and we wouldn’t know!

      • Amber

        Well… if three days had passed her response would probably have been in a different panel…there would have been some sort of demarcation…not to mention that it wouldn’t make sense if she didn’t respond right away…

  3. Bill Murphy

    Wayne’s expression in the first panel made me laugh.
    And finally Wayne tells them off. sorta…

  4. Monday
  5. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    Is it wrong that I felt that Wayne was like a pathetic, kicked puppy in those panels? And is it wrong that I want him to be like that a bit longer?

  6. Marc

    I bet Wayne has some thoughts about ‘sucking’ and Guy.

    She will get her revenge very soon.

    • Lennier

      You’re assuming that Guy would let the dude enjoy himself.
      I reckon she’d be the ultimate blue-baller.

      • Ourorboros

        Black and blue baller.

  7. The Great Cornholio!!
    The Great Cornholio!!

    MEndiofw!!! I do not suck!!! Are you threatening me?!!! Give praise to my bunghole for recompantsiliation!!! mearahh mefefoe grandehhhh

  8. Murasume

    What you don’t see is that Guy actually is doing something without doing something~
    without doing something for once causes Wayne into depression mode~
    thus succeeding Guy’s plan to make Wayne feel worse~
    think on that~!

  9. Lycos

    Wayne sounds like a reverse Kiwi there, saying “No, yeah” where as us Kiwi’s usually say “Yeah, nah” or “Yeah, no”

  10. Resuna

    Uh-huh. Guy has a problem with colloquialisms. Remember the “fraud” strip about Guy not making Wayne “all kinds of happy”?

  11. Yodel

    Haa, I love how analytical every comment is :P

    Funny comic.