267 – Finite Expense

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  1. Chris M
    Chris M

    Is… is despise a noun, too? :o

  2. Web

    I emptied my despise account when I was young. They closed it and won’t allow me to reopen it.

    Oh well, perpetual upbeatness is a fate only marginally better then death.

  3. Chris M
    Chris M

    Update: It is not! But I don’t really mind it as one, and I don’t think there’s a proper noun form of despise anyway. Despising perhaps, but that sounds icky and weird as a noun.

  4. interpolation

    Because Wayne is so careless in his spending, he allocates 7% of his hatred on trivials such as waiting for the train and allocates the remaining 93% on himself. This is why his relationship with Guy works.

  5. biggyj

    I’m surprised that Guy even needs to worry about using too much hate, isn’t that like Bill Gates worrying about spending too much

  6. MaryFilipina

    Is…is Guy calling Frank a Neo Hipster?!

    • llamer

      No, she’s saying she has to spend more hate on her commute and wait (because of Wayne) so she may not have any left to spend on neohipsters anymore.

  7. Night

    Guy from so many different angles… :O

  8. Bill Murphy

    I like Guy’s bug-eyed expression in the last panel. ;)

  9. Tyrel

    I just wanted to mention: The composition in this particular strip is quite lovely.

  10. zeneger01

    Neo-hipsters… so now that is a thing? What’s the difference between the regular and “neo” ones?

    • Ourorboros

      They are ironically dressing and acting like hipsters past. They are ACTUAL hipsters.
      Phst. You are far to bourgeois to see the difference.

      • Ourorboros

        I feel like I worded that wrong. I meant to say it’s like Inception level hipster douchebag-ism.

  11. Cassandra

    the noun form of despise is despite.


    contemptuous treatment; insult.
    malice, hatred, or spite.

  12. Pooperz Mcgee
    Pooperz Mcgee

    Neo-Hipsters must now be eliminated in the name of our glorious Hate Queen!!!

  13. Marc

    Last panel, Wayne looks longingly at Guy, knowing he will never be allowed to touch her.

  14. GorrillaMan1452

    is it just me, or is Guy’s hair getting progressively larger?

    • RBZ

      It’s to accommodate her ever-increasing hate budget.

      If the rate of inflation of her hair doesn’t outpace her hate budget’s expansion, she risks an emotional deficit, and nobody wants to end up like Wayne.

  15. Lennier

    So even Guy has limits.

    • Evilweirdo

      She’s legally required to limit her hate budget, probably.

  16. Andrew

    “Despite”. The nounal form of the verb despise is actually despite.

  17. Matt

    I borrowed heavily against my youthful idealism back in the 1980s. Still paying that one off.

  18. Lennier

    For someone who wears pants that tight, it’s a bit hypocritical for Guy to despise neo-hipsters.