268 – Contact

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  1. Matt

    There’s an amazing sushi place near my house. Once the aliens land we just need to get them a few California Rolls and our species will be spared.

    • nightarix

      unless they are either allergic or happen to be fish-people

      • Scott

        It’ll work out best if they are fish people. We eat other mammals. Similar creatures have all the nutrients you need!

  2. Lennier

    One wonders why the aliens didn’t wipe us out after Frank probed them.

    • Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory

      Fear, they respect that the territory has been marked by a superior predator and are to scared to enter open confrontation with him.

      • Rock

        That, and their ships can travel through time and space. Maybe, if they find a serious threat, they just skip their species over to a different timeline or dimension, rather than waste their time and resources on war?

      • MaryFilipina


  3. Jenthura

    I don’t mean to be a grammar Nazi or anything, but Wayne’s first sentence should’ve been: “Do you believe there’re aliens out there, Frank?”
    Or maybe grammar just isn’t Wayne’s strong point.

    • Seth

      Yeah, it should have, but it is easy to believe that that’s a mistake Wayne would make in casual conversation.

      • Derrath

        Exactly. Believable everyday dialogue

        • liberty

          In dialogue it’s permissible because people actually do talk like that. Now, if it were prose…

  4. David

    Worst part is, we’ve been broadcasting those movies into space for the past 60 years or so, at least (how long have B-Grade sci-fi movies existed for, anyway?)

    • SrPilha

      I’d say for 120 years at least, give or take.

      Unless the gods *were* indeed astronauts, then who the heck knows. ;)

    • Rock

      Let’s hope the aliens have a good sense of humour… And that they’ve also been watching Star Trek. >_<;

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        If they have a really good sense of humour they will watch Lost in Space, and think less of us.

      • Lennier

        Of course, if they [i]have[/i] been watching ST, they may very well have the wrong idea about us: http://www.fourmilab.ch/documents/treks-end/

        • Slaign

          I really like that story, it’s excellently written and the end is pretty funny and unexpected. It does suffer from a flaw though, in that fiction is depicted in Star Trek. They talk about literature and fantasy and such, and how fiction speaks about reality.

          It’s generally hard to fathom how an alien culture would so completely absorb everything about our culture and it’s functions without an understanding of the concept of fiction.

  5. Bill Murphy

    I really like the art in this strip. And the way you have Wayne hiding behind his popcorn. Very funny! :D

  6. davidbreslin101

    “Our studies of Earthling broadcasts have taught us their Universal Greeting, which is to fire projectile weapons at one other.”

    • End of Ways
      End of Ways

      “Also, we’ve learned that when in danger, humans will do stupid things, like walk slowly away from explosions that would obviously overtake them.”

  7. Marscaleb

    I will be saving this comic and sharing it with friends.

    • dralou

      Ditto, it’s just brilliant.

  8. jasa

    You know Frank has planned this out, and has a plan in case this ever happens.

  9. Pooperz Mcgee
    Pooperz Mcgee

    I’m in favor of making Frank supreme emperor of Earth.

  10. dodo

    cbhsmvbc, nmghj,s

  11. dodonnn


  12. RBZ

    Welcome to our village. Please invade carefully.

  13. fallinq

    And here at last we have Frank’s origin story.