271 – Around The Block

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  1. ParadoxPlayer

    What I like the most is that the ostrich is apparently eating Wayne’s hair on the last panel.

  2. Stranger

    No one going to remark upon the fact that we are witnessing apparently Arctic Ostriches?

    • ParadoxPlayer

      OMG, that’s it! I knew there was something odd and now that you mentioned that I noticed it.

      • biggyj

        Wild artic ostriches in civilized area.
        Where is this place?!

        • TimTimsen

          Frank’s backyard.

        • das-g

          Actually, I’m living in a civilized (although not densely populated) area, there’s an ostrich farm mere 500 m from here and (due to being winter) it’s snowing outside.

          (No wild ostriches here in Switzerland, though, but the ones in the comic could be livestock, too. There’s a fence in the background, although not one that’d be any obstacle to an ostrich, I guess.)

    • ibbolia

      Ostriches? …oh my GOD WHAT?

    • curiosyddie

      Right? I was really perplexed at first, but then I remembered what webcomic I was reading and just accepted it.

      • Beluga

        Pretty much.

    • Pooperz Mcgee
      Pooperz Mcgee

      I guess Wayne succeeded in killing Nature in the last page so now all is disorderly and nuclear winter is slowly setting in.

  3. Justin Major

    Going to need as wee bit more dick jokes to catch up to ARG

  4. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    Ostriches are scary, as well as their cousins the Emu. All large, flightless birds are very fast, very strong, and very mean tempered. An Ostrich or Emu can kick an adult human to death in three blows! Why are Wayne and Guy not running for their lives from these monsters, who are also immune to an avians one weakness; cold. Either these are tamed, or Frank programmed them not to hurt his “friends”.

    • Krista

      Weeeellll, emus are not vicious. My family owned a flock when I was a kid. Now, dangerous, yes. I was kicked a few times (You know having to wrestle those birds to the ground to administer medical treatment is HARD), but never because a bird attacked me.

      Now ostriches, those are evil. My neighbor owned a flock of those and a male nearly killed him. They tasted good.

  5. Connors

    It’s such a ridiculous comic you almost forget to think about why the hell are they feeding ostriches? XD

    • IndigoRei

      I just figured they were fattening them up. Imagine the drumsticks!

  6. glass_skunk

    A good penis is worn down to a sliver from repeated use.

    • moonpuppy

      I get the distinct feeling that’s what guys with small ones say to justify how cruel nature is to them :)

  7. llamer

    the one ostrich is all like. I dont care: feed me!

    theyre aborable <3

  8. Nolan

    Guy’s eyebrow thing changed into an arch! what a wonderful day for facial expressions!

    • Kurono

      They have been an arch on strips 117 and 119 too!

  9. Durvin

    Is that the kind of thing urologists tell you? Is that the kind of thing you *want* urologists to tell you?

    • das-g

      Only if your urologist is hot and female or if he’s hot and you’re bi or gay.

      And even then it’s rather awkward.

      • das-g

        This is, obviously, an answer to Durvin’s second question, not the first. The answer to the first question is “No”. Or so I hope.

        All of this under the assumption that women don’t have urologists.

    • Krista

      Um, my GP once told me I had a perfect cervix.

      That was odd.

  10. Derrath

    I’m sad to see our ‘dick joke’ comments tally only up to 3 so far, so allow me to immaturely get the ball rolling…

    *clear throat*


  11. Lennier

    On the flipside, Guy, as long as you’re on the Pill, you can go bareback.

    • MaryFilipina

      Er no. Guy would know a condom is required to shield against the possible STDs and STIs that come with “pretty penises” that have been around the block.

      • Lennier

        I was about to explain the joke I made, but I guess if you have to explain it, it wasn’t funny in the first place.

  12. nan

    This strip is in honor of Adam the Ostrich , who died 03.02.13 in a Russian zoo. Adam died of hypothermia.

    R.I.P Adam

  13. LauW

    First sex joke between Guy and Wayne, don’t know what to think

    • hejsader

      #014 – if that counts? Of course Wayne was oblivious…

  14. adam

    Am I the only one seeing this?
    The ostrich eating crumbs in the first panel looks like a surprised gui with a beard (the beak is the beard and the nostril is the mouth making a (‘o’).

    • Bret

      What unholy sorcery is this?!


  15. Bill Murphy

    He has a pretty penis? Yeah, pretty small! :P

  16. mist42nz

    Why would he hit on Guy anyway, she’d be totally unappreciative of anything.

  17. davidbreslin101

    As Freud said, “Sometimes an ostrich is only an ostrich. And sometimes it’s a huge angry cock. Or a huge angry hen, now I come to think of it.”

  18. interpolation

    Wayne totally misinterpreted his urologist’s sexual advances, didn’t he?

  19. colorWIRED

    I’m not sure which joke is the secondary… the penis joke or the fact that they are feeding ostriches in what looks like a park in the snow.

  20. treb

    Soooo…. Guy likes ugly dicks?

    • hejsader

      Naah … What matters is that Wayne is humiliated

  21. SchAlternate

    Ignorants! That ain’t no ostrich! IT’S A ÑANDU!

    • SchAlternate

      Also known as rheas!

      • Ourorboros

        There appears to be a growing population of Greater Rheas established in Germany. Escaped and breeding since 2000, there might be over 100.
        This according to Wikipedia.

  22. Ding-a-ling

    I was once told by a woman that mine “looks like a piece of raw meat”. Thanx to this comic I shall now regard that as a compliment.

  23. Bardy

    Just wanted to drop in to say that the art has really been looking alive lately! I can’t quite place what feels different but you’ve been doing a good job, keep it up!

  24. KOTYAR

    I just dooont get it

  25. Heavenly.Miasma

    so whats the girl equivalent?

  26. Dante

    Damn, and I was just admiring how awesome my dick looked.