272 – False Advertising

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  1. Matt

    I hope he’s not rebelling against antibiotics. That many piercings is going to cause and infection or two.

    • just a passer-by
      just a passer-by

      Please don’t say things like that when you don’t know better. It’s like saying someone’s stomach will definitely get upset after eating five (boiled or not) eggs, regardless of their background and individual health.

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        imaginary person…

      • JimmyC

        Why would you feel the need to say that? It’s kinda rude, since you don’t know either way.

        • Pooperz Mcgee
          Pooperz Mcgee


  2. Greg

    I can’t see the comic. You’re not stuck on another train, are you?

    • Widdershins

      I, too, cannot see the comic /o\

    • Twinkee

      Adblock was blocking it for me. Loaded as soon as I turned it off and refreshed the page

      • Widdershins

        Ah-ha, very informative sir.

        Hahaha, it’s because the image has the word “advertizing” in the URL. Adblock you dumdum.

      • UP

        Its true XD Folks, turn off Ad Block on 2Gag then you’ll see the comic. I seriously thought the no comic thing had to to with the title and quotes :I

      • Nil

        i saw the comic fine with adblock on, idk what the prob is @.@

        • M

          It depends which filters you’re using, probably

          • Beyla

            Weird, my filters were blocking the comic, which was something I was not wanting it to do, but the facebook share button underneath was still visible, which was a thing I’d spent hours trying to make the filters remove. This is a sadness.

  3. Master Tugun
    Master Tugun

    Quite! As in… Adblock=dumdum, AND false advertising=rebel? Psshaww!

  4. MaryFilipina

    Dumb ways to dieee…..

  5. nan

    Kind of bad that everyone seems to use Adblock in a free comic webpage. How will the artist keep up with the work? Dumb rebels all around…

    • Sam

      Well, the way I see it, I was *never* going to click on any ads anyway, so I don’t see how there could be any benefit to my seeing them. If someone has conclusive proof that *loading* ads, but not clicking them, can still help a site owner, then I may consider turning the adblocker off for pages like this.

      • khamya9

        Here’s one from the Author of Dreamland Chronicles. He asked people to turn off their ad blockers for one day.

        His ad revenue doubled.

        No one clicked through. they just let the ads display. I also once saw but can’t track down, a webcomic artist give a breakdown of all the different sources of revenue by advertising host. None of it was clickthrough, it was all just pay-per-image.

        If you want stronger proof than just that post, please email Scott at the Dreamland Chronicles and I’m sure he’ll give you numbers. He’s a great guy and responded pretty quick the two times I sent him some feedback on the strip.

        • bzuh?

          Yes, I try to always support one completely invalid business model per day. Why, yesterday I even went out and bought a newspaper!

          • khamya9

            Well there’s different types of advertising. Some are looking for you to make a purchase. But others are just building the brand image. That’s not an invalid business model, it’s long term strategy instead of directly hawking sales. 99% of car ads work this way. They know you’re not going to rush out of the movie theatre and go buy an Audi. Doesn’t mean the ad isn’t working.

            That said, I feel the overwhelming majority of internet ads are wasted. So you’re right on given the medium we’re talking about.

    • Mister Rik
      Mister Rik

      I actually don’t mind ads (well, most of them). I only use AdBlock because there is so much poor Web site design that sets up the pages so that the ads load before the content. Then all it takes is one ad server somewhere having a problem, failing to send the ad, and the actual page won’t serve up the content I want because it’s stuck trying to fetch that ad.

      But you’ve reminded me that I ought to disable ABP for the webcomics I read.

    • Alenonimo

      People don’t block the sites specifically, they block all in general.

      The truth is, the Internet is full of sites with pop-ups, flash hovers, screaming noises, page stoppers, etc. Instead of having to block one by one, I just use AdBlock and call it a day.

      I don’t mind if someone asks me to disable AdBlock, as long as the ads aren’t the stupid ones who make you want to kill someone.

  6. Michael Corley

    it’s like when I see someone with a “no fear” shirt, I want to scare them sooooo bad.

  7. op3999

    He is rebelling against Guy’s want for him to rebel against the rules on the sign.

  8. RBZ

    Don’t rush him. He’ll rebel when he’s good and ready, okay?

  9. Asmodeus

    More to the point; Did they miss both their trains?

    • MangaEngel

      What makes you think that Guy would ever ride a train and not just wait for someone that insults/hits on her, just to push him on the tracks?

      • khamya9

        Actually, I can see Guy standing there just to glare ominously at people. She’s got a wicked evil eye.

  10. Pooperz Mcgee
    Pooperz Mcgee


  11. Nekohime

    If he has rebelled he is wearing too much axe body spray or something that stinks or He is trying to be cool after buying cloths from the mall and Guy pressures him just with a stare because she knows he is a fake or Guy is going to pressure him enough he gives her the jacket and runs away.

  12. CalvinCopyright

    Hang on, I think I recognize this guy… I’m too lazy to check.

    Isn’t this that guy from the bar? Guy asked him “That’s a nice personality you got there, that thing real?” He replied “No…”

  13. Lola


  14. Wade

    Is it just me, or does he look like the guy here:

  15. Problemsolver

    Hey guys, it’s just a refreshing issue. If you can’t see the comic, refresh, or go to another page and come back, the problem should be solved.
    A few situations with very nit picky pop up blockers may exist, so if the problem persists turn those off. Usually it’s just a problem with your computer’s attempt at prioritizing loadings.

  16. drmike

    What’s strange about the adblocker is that I saw the image fine the day the comic was uploaded. It just stopped working for me just today.