277 – Double Rainbow

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  1. Moku

    My first thought is that it could be sort of dangerous if you were dating a guy who has an identical twin. Like what if Lars accidentally hooked up with the wrong twin or something like that? It would be incredibly akward.

    • Ourorboros

      And yet, in an analogous heterosexual situation it is kind of a fantasy.

      • Chuck Chuckerson

        I think it depends on the person. I sure wouldn’t want to have sex with someone who wasn’t my beloved, even if they looked the same.

      • Eisbaer

        I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Offensive Sexist
      Offensive Sexist

      Why must women make fantasies so impossible to achieve?

    • TheWaffleMan

      what about being in a relationship with someone who look exactly like yourself? I’m sure there are some extreme narcissists out there with this fantasy.

      • Ourorboros

        Which one would be in charge?
        For identical twins, one is usually the more outgoing and louder personality.
        In any case, that would fit what you are talking about.

  2. Michael Corley

    How dare the gays withhold sex from homosexuals!

  3. Ourorboros

    Oddly, many straight men don’t understand this about women.
    Not that fawning over every woman is a great idea, but being offensive to women isn’t a productive idea either.

    • Jon

      And yet, women rarely feel the same way about men.

      • nightarix

        i don’t think most tend to care often about insults enough to impede their wants.(guys not women)

      • Ourorboros

        Supply and demand.
        Most women can get a guy if they are willing.

  4. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Only if the gay twin thinks that he ‘was born that way’.

    • Offensive Sexist
      Offensive Sexist

      How does he keep coming up with these amazing comics? What is his muse?! What is the source of this genius?!!!

      • moonpuppy

        It’s probably bad that I find the fact that the “Offensive sexist” being amazed with the “random guy” is funny.

        • Random Guy
          Random Guy

          I must be doing something wrong if an offensive sexist is replying to me in an agreeable manner. What I mean, is that if the gay twin believes that he genetically predisposed towards homosexuality then he is making the assumption that his brother is either in the closet or in denial about his own sexuality. Either could lead to some situations where one or the other could become really offended. Sometimes it is best to just keep all theories to ones self.

    • Cassandra

      Poor random guy, doesn’t realize that even identical twins are not exactly identical.

      And yeah, homosexuality is innate, it is how people are born.

      “What I mean, is that if the gay twin believes that he genetically predisposed towards homosexuality then he is making the assumption that his brother is either in the closet or in denial about his own sexuality.”

      No. You are projecting your ignorance onto the hypothetical gay twin. See, there is more to genetics than just the genes themselves, there is also the issue of expression – whether or not a gene that someone carries actually gets switched on/off, and when, and how much, and this can vary even in identical twins.

      ” Sometimes it is best to just keep all theories to ones self.”

      So you will stop posting, right?

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        Good luck with that Assandra

      • Offensive Sexist
        Offensive Sexist

        @Assandra: Whatever you say chief. Your theory is without question for if one dares to question it they will be stuck in an hour long debate that has no foreseeable ending. Just take Random Guy’s advice okay…

      • Doofus

        Yea, dude. You may want to consider reeling it in a bit.

  5. ParadoxPlayer

    Lars seems to be getting some more comic time around here and I like that.

    Seeing a decent person reminds me of how awfully delightful the main characters are.

  6. Fran

    Hilarious! :)

  7. Kalil

    Speaking as your token gay reader:
    I am so extremely offended that I find this highly amusing that I’m not talking to myself anymore.

    • Only Under the Rafters
      Only Under the Rafters

      hey, i thought *I* was the token gay reader!

      • moonpuppy

        You can BOTH be token gay readers, so long as I get to be the token bi-female-bitch.

        • Ourorboros

          And thus a spin-off was born.

          • Pooperz Mcgee
            Pooperz Mcgee

            Cue the Three’s Company theme!

  8. Mr. Fluffy
    Mr. Fluffy

    My wife’s identical twin is a lesbian. My wife is not. It’s not that weird… until they they play “We’re Both The Evil Twin” and dress alike. That gets awkward.

    • Kirby

      Now you just need to stand there with her girlfriend/wife/other word here when they do that and make you figure out which is which before date night.

  9. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I was thinking maybe Lars could ask his boyfriend once he gets to know him better saying: “For my safety is your twin gay just so I don’t ?,” or maybe it is already obvious the twin is gay?
    I mean I would have no problems with people asking about my bisexuality including the uncomfortable questions.

  10. Unsound M

    It’s great to see Lars really evolving into his own character over time!

    • Mike

      But if he does will the comic have to change to three gag?

      • Pooperz Mcgee
        Pooperz Mcgee

        I hope not. That would bring horrible disorder to the balance of the cosmos. The scales must not be tipped.

  11. 'Thias

    I just realized I happen to know a pair of lesbian twins and several pairs of het twins but none that have opposing orientations. Weird. Almost as weird as the fact that I know like 6 pairs of twins

    • moonpuppy

      Yeah, that’s weird, I know a lot of people but I only know two sets of twins and one set of triplets…. do you have a twin fetish and thus stalk twins? XD

    • Ourorboros

      I went to kindergarten with identical twin girls.
      Moving, I later went to high school with two pairs of identical twin guys in my grade.
      In all the time since then, none that I know of. Although for all I know each person I only know casually could be one half of an identical twin pair.

  12. Rock

    Oh, Lars. ^^ You may well be my favourite character in this comic.

    I’m not gay, but this joke seems fairly harmless to me.

  13. Jason

    Am I the only one that thought asking Lars if the guy he was dating was gay too was extremely stupid and redundant?

    • Abeo

      He was asking if the Lars’ boyfriend’s twin was gay too. Read it again.

      “He has an identical twin.”
      “Oh yeah. Is he(the identical twin of the boyfriend) gay too?”

      No redundancy in the comic.

  14. RBZ

    Can’t believe I missed this due to all the gay twin discussion, but…

    Wayne is exercising! WTF! Did Frank cure him of his terminal lethargia, or what?