285 – Apperances

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  1. moonpuppy

    Oh, Wayne, only you would have such limited brain functionality to mistake a ferret for a dog. Also, why isn’t Guy just punching people out. Protests are non-aggressive! Guy, start a riot!

    • moonpuppy

      I feel I should clarify, before people point out the obvious, Peaceful protests like that are supposed to be non-aggressive, thus why Guy needs to make it into a not so peaceful one.

      • Grumpy

        Who said it was a peaceful protest?

  2. Japa

    I feel I should point out to anybody that doesn’t know, that this is based on an actual news story about a guy who bought a poodle in south america that turned out to be a ferret on steroids.

    • Ourorboros

      The story actually made it to NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

    • RBZ

      That story was so funny!

      On the article I read, they had a photo of the ferret-on-steroids side-by-side with an actual toy poodle. My thoughts were definitely along the same lines as Guy’s about it.

    • Grumperpants

      It was hardly a ferret on steroids. It was an angora ferret. It’s a newer breed of ferrets. Longer fur, bigger, worse attitude.

      • Des

        Not quuuiiiiite. Angora ferrets are bigger and fluffier, but not by that much. They did give those ferrets steroids and plenty of them (though I’m more than willing to bet they used angora kits). Also they train rather well and if you treat them right then you get a sweet ferret. If not, much like bully breeds of dogs, they are gonna be mean little ankle biters. Also best part of the story is that the people kept the ferrets and didn’t take any legal action. They must have liked the ferrets quite a bit.

    • Micah

      Does anyone have a link to this supposed story, because is sounds a lot like the old urban legend about buying a chihuahua in Mexico that turned out to be a huge rat. That story is at least 30+ years old and entirely fictional.

      • Micah

        Never mind my weak Google-fu found the article. All I can say is those people are even dumber than average, and that’s saying something.

  3. Bill Murphy

    Love Guy’s sign!

    • RBZ

      It’s very much like the “Down with that sort of thing” sign from the Father Ted episode. Which also had a real-life news item, a few years back, when a photo of a friend of mine parodying the episode (for b3ta, I think) went global.

  4. Kumata

    Second panel had me in stitches

  5. Michael Corley

    Hopefully he can ferret on out…

  6. moyra0852m

    So is she protesting protests or maybe Guy is just trying to catch a ride?

  7. Neferius

    the sad part it… this strip is actually based on a true story :I

  8. mailsprower1
  9. Lennier

    Panel 3: did Guy take take a slight interest in Waynes life?